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Daisuke Matsuzaka, Kyuusaisha*?: Sox-Indians Gamer II

Another cold night in Cleveland (with rain in the forecast), another chance for the Sox to get their first win of the 2011 regular season. Hopefully their last shot, too, though the way things are going the game will be called in the fourth inning with the Sox ahead by eleven.

Comment about all the action here.

*Oh, and that’s “savior”, to those who don’t speak Japanese (or have access to the Googles).

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28 pitches. Two runs.
Garbage. Utter garbage.
Time to score runs. 0-5 and the team will have to become an historical anomaly just to make the playoffs, according to a post in the other thread.
I can’t recall feeling lower about a Sox team this early in the season than I do right now. And that includes some really shitty Houk-led teams.

I still see the wild card coming out of the East, and the Rays’ offense is far too depleted to beat out the Yanks or Sox.
I mean, think about it. Someone’s got to win the mess that’s the Central, and Texas is going to walk away with the West. Where’s the wild card competition?

It is truly remarkable that these season could be lost in maybe three days’ time. And that isn’t hyperbole. If this team goes into the Yankees’ series 0-6 we could have a lost season even before tax day.

“It is truly remarkable that these season could be lost in maybe three days’ time. And that isn’t hyperbole. If this team goes into the Yankees’ series 0-6 we could have a lost season even before tax day.”
hyperbole! But thanks for reminding me about my taxes. Sheesh, I need to do those.

Alright Reyes! Hit two, walk the next on 4 straight! Man, it is looking bleak, but it is very early. The bummer is finally getting on my Apple TV2, only to watch a start like this.

I’m personally hoping, if not tonight, the Sox win tomorrow so we don’t have to hear how a win against the Yankees gave the Sox the ‘spark’ they needed!

The Yankees may be able to end the Sox’ season in April. Unbelievable.
Are we witnessing the end of Tito? His team is listless and careless.

I can’t honestly believe, even if the Sox finish out of the money this year, that any serious changes would be made. Tito is like the Red Sox version of Torre, and Theo is their version of Jeter (face of the franchise). They have so much rope that the Sox would have to finish under .500 in consecutive seasons for there to even be the possibility that Henry would start to think about making a change.

If this goes on for a couple more games it won’t matter. Tito will have lost all goodwill with the bulk of the fans. Not the informed ones, but the mob mentality and the media will be after him.
Just an embarrassment of a team right now. It honestly has me terribly down.

This just ain’t going to last much longer, as much as I’d like it to. They’re simply too talented. I won’t lie and pretend that it isn’t exactly what I’d like to happen, but it’s pretty clear to everyone who’s not a sox fan hanging on every pitch that this is an anomaly in what will be a v good season for the Sox.

Look on the bright side, it’s Lester tomorrow against Carmona. Lester was bad in his first start but Carmona was twice as bad.
Meanwhile the Yankees have AJ Burnett vs. Liriano, talk about a mismatch. It could very well be that these teams are separated by just a game at the end of the weekend, and honestly I would not be surprised if that were the case.
Baseball, people.

I do like that both sides of this site (well, except for that one Yankee fan creep who shows up every few months under a different name full of supposed respect for the Sox at first but who is actually a jerkface) show support and respect for the other side when they are down.
Certainly if the Yankees were off to 0-5, I would put zero stock in it, but it’s still pretty awful to watch from this side. Really, it’s the absolutely awful starting pitching that worries me (minus Lester, who I am not worried about at all); I really think that might be a trend, not an aberration (especially in the cases of Lackey, Beckett, and Matsuzaka). I dunno. I’m sure they’ll end up all right in the end, but we’ll see if they turn out THAT good.

“…show support and respect for the other side when they are down….”
i’ve noticed the same thing devine…and i think it’s great…sure the temptation is there to rub it in, but why?…there are a lot of games left, and i’m just not buying the notion that the season is lost just because of a few early season losses…the spotlight is shining a little brighter on these 1st 5 games because the sox were installed as the favorites to win it all yet have 0 wins a full week into the season…if the sox got off to a great start well over 500 and in first place, i just don’t think a 5 game losing streak would get as much attention if it happened later in the season…sure it would get noticed, but 0-5 probably is more dramatic, especially after the much ballyhooed offseason, than losing 5 when your record is 60-40 for example…just like the orioles finally lost a game, the sox will start winning…i doubt they’ll have another 5 game losing streak this season, and i’d bet they string more than 5 wins together a few times…i understand why sox fans are bummed out right now…believe me, if things were reversed, i’d be pretty unhappy…and i hope sf is wrong about this killing the site…it just got going again…

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