Danger: Very Hot Stove!

We crossed the century mark for comments to our “Meet the New Yanks…” post early this monring (still going strong at 102), and the numbers are piling up in that direction on the Beckett thread just below this one. It’s great to see so much activity here; it’s a testament to everyone in the YFSF community (thanks!), and to the fact that baseball is a year round sport, nevermind the actual dates of the MLB schedule. In fact, traffic here slowed down a bit in October, what with the Sox and Yanks out of the playoffs (depressing!)—though part of the problem was a perfect storm of business and travel and illness and parenting that kept your trusty authors from posting with the frequency we’ve become accustomed to. Anyway, now that hope has once again sprung for our respective teams, and with so many exciting changes to our lineups, there’s a lot to discuss, and the traffic around here reflects that excitement. I, for one, can’t wait until the season begins. But the conversations we’ve been having here make for a darn good substitute. And with so many more moves on the horizon…..well, I expect things to be hopping right through the holidays. Wheee!

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  • odd, I thought October was an active month for posts. Man, I have had no idea what’s been happening.

    Nick-YF December 10, 2006, 1:02 pm

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