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David Ortiz Suddenly Worth His Salary

Remember when lots of Red Sox fans this offseason were saying that if David Ortiz really thought he was worth more than the one-year, $12.5 million option the Sox held on his contract, then he should go onto the free market and find out whether that's truly the case? 

Carlos Pena, he of the 102 OPS+ and 1.1 WAR in 2010, has signed a one-year $10 million deal with the Chicago Cubs. According to both Baseball-Reference and Fangraphs, Ortiz provided three times the value Pena did last season.

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18 replies on “David Ortiz Suddenly Worth His Salary”

His value is even more now that they’ve put another big hitter near him. I think AGon does two things well this year: plays baseball for Red Sox, and makes money for David Ortiz.

It bugs me that people vilify the Yankees for their payroll and blame them for the salaries players make…as if it isn’t the MLBPA that is the reason there is no cap and the Rags that signed ARod to the ridiculous contract…
I don’t begrudge athletes for their salaries…look at how much money they make for the owners.

Speaking of spending alot of money…PeteAbe is reporting that the sox have agreed to terms with Carl Crawford for 7 years and $142 mil. Looks like the sox are the ones spending $300 mil this offseason.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha! This is rad. Too much money for him, but rad that this offense which was awesome last year is going to be super-awesome. If the starting rotation can recover a little, this oughta be an awesome year.
Don’t know what they’ll do about the bullpen, though. Might have to outslug teams to win. Eh, bullpens are volatile anyway.
Also, welcome back, Paul. I’d have said it sooner, but I am now in the club of raising tiny humans as well, and there hasn’t been as much time (kid’s on his mom’s lap right now, and I’m taking advantage).

This is one of those “this contract looks foolish and absurd and Carl Crawford is no Manny but it sure is going to be fun watching the Soc next year” kind of deals. Will it join Lackey’s in the “crap contract HoF” eventually?
Mea culpa on the $300m thing. Holy shit. Talk about coming out of left field.

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