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David vs. Gol–wait, it’s another David: Yanks-Rays Gamer

Phelps v Price.  Don't get swept.

14 replies on “David vs. Gol–wait, it’s another David: Yanks-Rays Gamer”

EASY 1-2-3 first for Price.
Perfect game intact.
Let’s see how many Phelps can give up in the first to a team with no one that can actually hit…

Yankee implosion time baby!!!!!
Hit a dude, walk…both with 2 outs.
Here comes the big hit that our millionaire all-stars can never come up with!!!!

Martin doesn’t even try and throw out the runner…
God you fucking suck Russell.
Of course, it’s better than chucking another one into CF…asshole.

Game. Over.
Big hit by scrub Tampa player…who probably makes in a year what ARod makes in an hour.
Congrats Yankees. You got fucking swept again by the fucking Rays.
I fucking hate you. Losers.

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