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Dear Mike Cameron John Lackey

Congratulations. You have won the mantle of “LFRS”. If you don’t know what that means, just call up Julio Lugo.

Look, I hear you are a nice man. A really nice man. But I don’t root for guys to be nice, I root for guys to make good plays. And I guess you are (or were, at some point) a really good baseball player, what with making the Majors and all and spending several years in the league. But since you have come to Boston I have seen you get two hits in total. Whether through sheer bad timing in my tuning in or otherwise, I have actually only seen you, quite literally, get two hits. I hear you are (or were) a tremendous defender, but I haven’t seen you make any tremendous plays. Even “really good” ones, either. It seems that whenever you do something it isn’t productive. That may be bad luck for you, but for me that lands you the moniker of “LFRS”, and from here on in that’s how I shall be referring to you at this site.



P.S. Tell Marco he came in second.

I hate you. You are my LFRS.

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Not to pile on, but if I were a RS fan my LFRS would be Jenks. It’s one thing to be fat and good, it’s quite another to be fat and horrible. Which is why, I think, Hughes gets somewhat of a buddy-pass from many Yankee fans but Joba gets the full treatment whenever each of them fails.

It is hard to qualify what makes a LFRS, or a LFY, it’s very much a gut-thing.
With Cameron for me it has to do with the fact that I had until a week ago literally NEVER seen him get a hit as a Sox (despite watching a lot of games) or make a solid, above-average play in the field. My sense of him is therefore one of total, unmistakable incompetence. At this point I don’t want to see him in games, ever.

I tend to hate pitchers more because they have a more direct negative on specific games. When the entire offense struggles, one person’s lack of hits is a small fraction. But when a pitcher shits the bed it’s all on them.
For what it’s worth, Jenks is a close 2nd to Wheeler right now on my list. And Andrew I mirror your opinion regarding fat pitchers.

i understand the pick sf…can’t say i’ve followed him too closely but it sure looks like he hasn’t given the sox what they might have hoped…then again he is a 38 year old outfielder, which is rare for the sox…i’m a little surprised you didn’t pick dice-k, but then again he has had a few shining moments in a sox uniform…
“…Not sure how Crawford escapes here….”
give it a rest michel richy, or whatever your name is…crawford may be struggling, or not, and sf and i debated that a bit…but, he will play better…besides there’s nothing inherently unlikeable about the guy…i don’t know him personally of course, but as far as i can tell, he’s a good teammate and a good guy…
i won’t pick a lfrs because that’s shooting fish in a barrel…my favorite sox is still wakefield…i’ll have to pick a new one someday, and right now i’d say ped’s in the lead…
my lfy is probably a tie between aj burnout and arod…no explanation needed…my favorite yankee is mo…again, no explanation needed…

Crawford doesn’t have that much room to get better. A 770 career OPS will do that. Seeing 19 pitches in 6 plate appearances is the microcosm of the player he is. All that speed doesn’t help much when he doesn’t get onbase.
Hard for me to get overworked about middling relief pitchers.
Cameron and even Scutaro are bench guys.

um, what’s your point?…this is a discussion of favorite/least favorite, not a thread on carl crawford, again…we get it that you don’t like the guy…so i’m guessing he’s your least favorite red sox…noted
my picks for fav/least fav don’t necessarily take performance into account…sure wakefield isn’t a prominent contributor any more, but i can still like him, right?…and nobody can argue that arod hasn’t contributed to the yanks, but i still don’t like him…and if mo never gets another save and blows 30 in a row, he’d still be my favorite yankee on this current edition of the team…
crawford was my favorite ray, so i can’t dislike him just because he plays for the sox…in fact, i’ll make him #3 favorite red sox right behind wakefield and ped…how about that?…

ok…that was weird…i was commenting on michel richy’s latest dig at crawford, but his comment disappeared …did i hallucinate that?

LFRS…all of them??? ;)
LFY…Posada. Never really liked him very much. He just seems like a smug prick who won’t hang ’em up and will probably end up on another team next year. (his contract is up, right?) When it comes to the “Core”…to me it was always generous to put him in that group.

I have to say I’m not sure I have a LFRS. When Dan Wheeler came into the game, I pretty much wrote it off as a loss. Does that count?
And, hey, Cameron hit two homers in one game just the other day, so there’s that.
Actually, I’m pretty sure I enjoy watching Jason Varitek the least and shake my head whenever he’s in the lineup, so maybe it’s him. But then I feel bad since he was part of two World Series winners. Sigh.
Least favorite Yankee? It might be Joba. I never liked his mound shtick…

Actually, I think Papelbon might be my least favorite. I always root for him to do well, of course, but he just seems like the kind of guy I would never be able to get along with in real life.

“If I weren’t a SF, I’d probably hate Youk. He does seem to whine and bitch a lot when stuff doesn’t go his way.”
Atheose, this is very true for me, but then I recall that this is pretty much exactly how Paul O’Neill must have been viewed by the rest of the world. And I can’t hate your Paul O’Neill.
Papelbon is up there for me as LFRS for the same reason Joba is for Paul: the mound schtick. I used to hate Varitek, but his performance has gotten problematic enough that he doesn’t bother me as much. Hatred for a player always jumps up for me when that player is both annoying and killing my team.
LFY? Soriano right now. Mopiness + multiple blown outings does it for me.

LFY…Posada. Never really liked him very much. He just seems like a smug prick
Everything after “prick” was irrelevant to me. But otherwise, this.

I will say that my favorite Red Sock is Jon Lester. Not because of the cancer stuff, just because he’s a really good pitcher who’s exceptionally unassuming. Look at his reaction after pitching his no hitter. Not even jumping in the air or shouting, just a big ol’ smile on his face. I can root against him as a member of the Sox, but I can never revel in his failure.

I approve of the editing of this post.
Agree 100% with Andrew. I typically like players who quietly go about their job and don’t make a huge fuss either way. I guess that’s why I like Mo.

“Posada. Never really liked him very much. He just seems like a smug prick who won’t hang ’em up and will probably end up on another team next year. (his contract is up, right?) When it comes to the “Core”…to me it was always generous to put him in that group.”
Dude, Posada is a borderline hall of famer. That they had his offense at catcher – second only to Piazza – during his career is a big part of why the Core Four have five rings. I get that he’s not the most likeable guy, but as a player he’s been a huge part of their success. I respect that. Heck, 2008 they missed the playoffs because the drop off from Posada to the scrubs was so great.
On the quiet professional side, I loved me some Bernie Williams, but Paul O’Neill is my favorite Yankee of all time. Go figure.
I like Youkilis too. My LFRS is probably Papelbon. Though I can’t say I’m not getting a good chuckle from Varitek’s struggles. Mask on will always be the way I see that moment. It’s a perfect instance where fandom sees the same event two entirely different ways.

Mask on will always be the way I see that moment. It’s a perfect instance where fandom sees the same event two entirely different ways.
I agree with this. And, this is a little off the trail, but I think it’s interesting how that season made heroes out of some playrs and relegated others to second-tier status. In that game, the real hero was Bill Mueller, who hit the game-winning homer off Rivera. And in Game 4, when Dave Roberts had The Steal, it was Mueller again who drove him in with the tying run to send the game to extras. Yet Mueller, at least in my perception, is not nearly as beloved as the other two. Fandom is a funny thing, I guess is all I’m saying.

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