Little do people know, but in setting up this website YF and SF went through tense negotiations in determining the ground rules of the blog. Attorneys from both sides spent hours in boardrooms setting up the structure of the discussion, with both sides claiming victory upon seeing the final code. Some small pieces of the negotiation have come to light in the form of a previously confidential memorandum, and we’re happy to present it for the world to see and judge.


To: Hoity, Toity, and Snobbish, LLP, Attorneys-at-Law for YF
From: High, Mighty, and Curt, Attorneys-at-Law for SF


There are several still-outstanding issues that we must resolve prior to going live with the planned blog. They are as follows:

YF requiring SF sign off each post with the handle “Bridesmaid” is unacceptable.
YF requiring SF to “cease and desist comparing the Yankees to the GOP” is unacceptable.
YF requiring the site to contain a weblink to “The Unofficial Jessica Alba Fan Page” is unacceptable.
YF requiring a 48″ tall podium behind which he can stand while posting, to shield a height difference from SF, is unacceptable.
YF requiring SF to “admit to rooting for a team with a history of abject failure, from which he will never emotionally recover”, is open to negotiation.

We await your response.


High, Mighty, and Curt, LLP.

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  • I’m suing the leaker.

    YF September 30, 2004, 10:36 am
  • Don’t forget:
    “YF requiring the site to contain a running count in the header of WS won and last year won” is unacceptable.

    Joe (YF) September 30, 2004, 11:17 am

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