Deep Blue

The Yanks broke in the new Stadium tonight. First impressions: the ball really carries; I suspect it will be a serious hitter's ballpark (the open concourses and reduced foul territory behind the plate will help). Visually, the big (but subtle) change is that the team has changed the blue background color of the walls, seats, and backstop areas from royal blue to a dark navy matching their caps. It's a major, major improvement—it's a nicer color, it's more historically appropriate, and it makes it easier to follow the ball. The more open bullpens are also a bonus, and the whole place has a more commodious feel. (For the price, it better.) The mechanical scoreboard is saved from hokey-ness by its clean typography. Alright. More to come.

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Thought: If the ball really does fly too far out there, I don’t think they’re going to be able to do anything about it without removing seats. Which is not likely to happen. I think A-Rod’s going to be a very happy camper. Look out above.
Meanwhile, as Cliff notes over on the Banter, the fact that the team spent all of that public money, and still didn’t figure out the knapsack/laptop/briefcase issue is pretty well unconscionable. Amazing that after close to a $1b in spending you’re still leaving your stuff in a bowling alley or a bar across the street. They built the world’s most expensive house and then forgot the closets!

“Amazing that after close to a $1b in spending you’re still leaving your stuff in a bowling alley or a bar across the street.”
It’s the power of bowling and bar lobby.
A couple of other first impressions: Grounders seemed to speed through the infield as well. This could all be the result of hitters taking on pitchers who were taking it easy (Lilly seemed to be throwing a lot of hanging curve balls, which might explain the Yanks’ three homers) and Wang not having it. Plus, it’s very windy this morning. Not sure when it started picking up, but perhaps it started last night.

A mechanical scoreboard?? Really?? When the new Yankee Stadium grows up, it wants to be Fenway?? Okay, I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so whatever. I think I’ll stick with the real one, over in the Back Bay, though.

Kinda hard to say if the ball will always carry like that to right field. It was so windy there today (I just got home from the game) the flag was basically blowing full strength out to RF. I also saw multiple people have their hats blown off and over the edge. The stadium is certainly more open to the elements so it wouldnt surprise me if this were the case but its just too early to tell based on todays game.

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