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Deflated: Friday Night Gamer Mashup

Boston is down six runs to Texas in the second, and New York trails Toronto by two.  Welcome to the post-binge crash.  Comment away.

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Whoa – he gave that a charge but Granderson tracked it down on the run. Our CF/LF defensive range is a beautiful thing. Nova will go into the 7th around 90 pitches. I still feel like I don’t believe this kid is this good, but he keeps delivering.

With the bases he loaded last night in Fenway, Mariano’s career WHIP inched above 1.000 to 1.008. Tonight’s perfect inning will bring it back down a bit though he’ll probably still need another 1-2 perfect outings in a row to get it back down to sub-1.000.
Only two other pitchers have pitched at least 1,000 IP and maintained a sub-1.000 WHIP: Ed Walsh, Hall of Famer who pitched from 1904-1917 and Addie Joss, Hall of Famer who pitched from 1902-1910.
Mo continues to be the all-time ERA+ leader by a ridiculously wide margin.

Walsh and Joss are pretty good company.
Mo should be proud to retire with that WHIP number if he can get it (I am not a fan of ERA+ for relievers).
The contemporary accounts of Addie Joss on the mound are pretty impressive, starting with the accounts of Sam Crawford and a couple of others in “The Glory of Their Times”.
Damn………thats Sam Crawford, all time triples leader by about 100, not to be confused with Carl Crawford, LF black hole on the Sox……

No damage.
Gardner walked and stole 2nd…leads the league in steals…
ARod singled but too hard so Gardner couldn’t score.
Cano DP.
Back to Colon.

That reminds me of the scene in “Good Omens” when the demon Hastur, trapped inside the answering machine, is released by a cold calling telemarketer.
He turns himself into a swarm of maggots, eats everyone in the telemarketer office, burps, and says “That was a good one”
Just a random thought from a SF.
Carry on…….

Another pitching change and the hit parade continues with singles from Reddick and Salty.
McCarver talks about the wave: “You only see the wave when the home team is winning. Waves are happy.” No Tim, waves are asinine.

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