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Delayed Gratification: Rays-Yanks Day/Night Part Day Gamer

“I absolutely love it. This is what you plot in the offseason, and you play the whole season to play meaningful games at this time of year. I know we’re not going to get any extra money for it, but we’ve already been in the playoffs for about 10 days. And it’s been fantastic.” — Joe Maddon

That’s all well and good for the Rays, but I won’t mind so much if the Yankees lock up their ticket to the post in game one of today’s double header. Comment away.

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I don’t know what to do???
Sweep them and we wrap up the East.
Get swept and the Sox are in deep trouble.
We can still finish off the Sox this weekend. I think I would prefer that but then we need to lose to the Rays.
Losing is bad.
My head is spinning.
Just win I guess. Yeah, win them all.

Have to give Girardi some love. He’s done a hell of a job this season. Injuries, weather, crazy schedule, garbage pitching staff…still about to wrap up home field and the East.
Great job Joe.

2-2 after 7.
At least the Sox lost.
Win this and it’s Champagne Time!!!!!
“BOSTON SUCKS” chant rings out at the Stadium…followed by a “LET’S GO YANKEES” chant…

The Yankees…our saviors (maybe)…ready to crush us this weekend in revenge and send us reeling to Baltimore for some more?
Still, if Sox can get in the way they appear to be getting in…BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP (that’s the Sox backing into the playoffs).

PS Congratulations, you guys. Can’t believe you made it to the top of the heap with the rotation you started with, but here we are, you’re the champs. Called it at the All-Star Break.

I don’t think we will dev…I bet Joe will spend the next week getting everyone rest and the rotation in order. I think we need 2 more wins to clinch homefield?

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