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Derek Sanderson Jeter: Yanks Tribe Gamer

‘Nuff said.

NY Yankees
D. Jeter ss .256
C. Granderson cf .274
M. Teixeira dh .244
A. Rodriguez 3b .295
R. Cano 2b .294
N. Swisher rf .248
J. Posada 1b .234
B. Gardner lf .267
F. Cervelli c .231
C. Sabathia 3.05
M. Brantley lf .263
A. Cabrera ss .293
T. Hafner dh .341
C. Santana 1b .227
O. Cabrera 3b .259
G. Sizemore cf .225
A. Kearns rf .200
C. Phelps 2b .200
L. Marson c .226
C. Carrasco 3.54

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Sabathia is a beast…absolute disgrace he wasn’t even selected to the All-Star team as a gesture. Even before tonight’s beastly performance, Fangraphs has him as the second-best pitcher in the AL, behind Jered Weaver. Usually we complain about Yankees being unjustifiably selected to the All-Star team, rare to have a legitimate complaint otherwise! David Robertson also has reason to complain…

How is that Dusty? Given that Sabathia will have his next start too close to the ASG to be eligible to play in that game, he would have been replaceable – so he could have been chosen and then subbed out for CJ Wilson or whoever else, giving him both his just due as a 2011 all-star and enabling Ron Washington to pick the hometown guy he ended up choosing anyway. In other words, Ron Washington is solely to blame for this, no?

Ron Washington not selecting CC is an absolute joke. He would have been replaced on the roster, so there are no excuses, as IH says.
An even bigger joke is that this game counts for anything, a fucking exhibition in which the best players don’t even play, and fans choose the roster. That it has any impact on real, important games is one of the biggest jokes in any sport, much less the national pastime.

“…That it has any impact on real, important games is one of the biggest jokes in any sport, much less the national pastime….”
…i couldn’t agree more sf…this has been one of my most consistent anti-bpud rants all along…you hit the nail on the head…it’s a dang exhibition game…we should see all the best players…you guys know i have a [somewhat] irrational love for jeter, but it’s a joke that he’s starting…i know he was voted in, so it wasn’t a conscious decision by knowledgable folks like us, but…who’s the best AL shortstop?…THIS SEASON!!…that’s the guy i want to see start the game…if they want to show some love to aging former stars, they can expand the rosters to invite guys like jeter…and if it ends in a tie, who cares?…spring training games end in ties all the time…and that’s all this is frankly, a spring training game played during a mid-season break, played by most of the best players, or at least most of the ones the fans apparently want to see…the only thing that should count is to have fun with it…by the way, interleague play and no DH in the NL are 2 of the other big jokes…

Agree on the All-Star Game and Interleague play. It’s all about the dollars, unfortunately. Like Nancy Grace, it’s disgusting anyway you look at it.
The DH though has no place in the game. It’s a travesty that now deprives players of real careers. For a player like Billy Butler or Jesus Montero to be deemed DHs in their early 20’s disgusts me. If Pablo Sandoval can learn to play an average 3B, then any prospect can. To think Fielder is going to get a huge contract to DH is absurd. And don’t get me started on DHs in All-Star games…

“…To think Fielder is going to get a huge contract to DH is absurd….”
not if it’s in pinstripes ;)
hmm, i wonder if he can play right field on the days he doesn’t DH…

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