Ding, Dong, the Wicked Witch is Dead

One down, one to go.

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  • Some other results from last night we enjoyed:
    Yankees 4, D-Backs 2
    Red Sox 3, Rockies 6
    Yankee lead: 4.5

    YF June 16, 2004, 10:57 am
  • Sox fans need to stop whining. Say it with me: THERE IS NO CURSE. You can call it mismanagement, blown opportunities or just plain being in Boston. The Yanks got A-Rod because they were smarter. And guess what? They’re going to get Soriano back!! Mark my words. What a move!! Trade the best second baseman in the majors to get the best SS. Move him to third to play along side the second best SS (No I don’t mean Garciapara). Then resign Soriano. What an infield!! They’d of had to resign Soriano anyway. Don’t blame George’s money. Boston has boat loads of it too. Difference is, Big Stein knows how/where to spend his.

    rnurse July 16, 2004, 3:10 pm

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