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Dirty Water Dogs for the Unit, Chowdah for the Rocket?

Randy a Yankee? Clemens back to the Sox? These rumors seems so improbable they simply must be true, right? right?

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Simmer down, there. The most likely situation is Johnson to the Yankees, Sox make a minor deal somewhere to shore up their relief (Guardado?). Johnson does not fit as a long-term move for the Sox and their mindset, and that is worth quite a bit, in my opinion. But you never know. And Mueller’s return makes Youkilis expendable. It should be an exciting three or four weeks, regardless, watching the transaction wire.
Another fact: Shonda Schilling has made a request to sit next to Mrs. Johnson at the All-Star Game. Could Theo be dispatching the foot soldiers? Or is Shonda staying home now that Curt is skipping the game? Maybe Theo could send Mrs. Ortiz?
“Que Pasa, Mrs. Unit!?”

From today’s Globe:
“Houston Astros owner Drayton McLane, in terms that even the most rabid rumormonger should understand, said last night there is no way he would trade pitcher Roger Clemens.”
Funny, I’ve spent much of the last six seasons disparaging Roger Clemens. Yet now I find myself bummed that he’s not coming back.

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