Anyone else wonder why Jonathan Papelbon felt the need to come back on the field after a rain-shortened loss and celebrate the Rangers losing to the Angels and a tie for the Wild Card?  How tiny is this guy's brain?

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I don’t care if comes out on the field in a pink tutu with fairy wings and a sparkly wand to celebrate a 2 for 1 deal at Dunkin Donuts as long as he keeps getting the job done as closer.

Very tight Detroit-Minn game right now, 1-1 in the 7th. I don’t think I root for a team to play the Yanks, but I will root for the Twins to win a few to make Verlander pitch the last day of the season though!

Thank god. There is nothing I want less than to watch the Twins roll over for the yankees for 1000th time.

What do you mean, Brad? The Twins just won, and are only a game back. You should be angry, not thanking god!

Yeah, I didn’t see the final. I didn’t think they lost. Yes, that is not what I wanted at all.
I really want Detroit to win this. The Twins are incapable of playing NY in any circumstance, and I don’t know why.

I’m rooting for the Tigers because obviously I want Justin Verlander facing the Yanks twice in a five-game series, but really, if we’ve learned anything about the playoffs, it’s to be careful what you wish for when it comes to prospective opponents.

When Lar said “one game behind”, I thought he was talking about for today, as if they had lost the first game.

Wow, what the hell is going on with the Sox right now. You tune in 2 minutes late and they’re already down 3-0. Yeesh.

Wow, 4-0. Time to figure out a way to watch the Tigers/Twins. I wanted to watch the Sox clinch the wild card but even if they do end up with a win tonight, it’s not worth sitting through this.

Sigh, I’m back to the Sox game. They’ve got a better shot of winning this one than the Twins do of pulling it out against Verlander.

“…as he keeps getting the job done as closer….”
ponch, the guy’s a fool, but you are dead on…

i’m still completely disgusted with how the angels celebrated they’re division title the other nite. talk about tiny brains. these idiots drag the jersey of the player who was killed in a drunk driving accident out to center field and dump beer all over it. then numbskulls like tori hunter have the stones to go on radio for the last 3 days and defend their actions. here’s to hoping they get swept in the first around…again.

Are you kidding, sf rod? You really think they intended to mock Adenhart by pouring beer on his jersey? That’s how ballplayers celebrate – by pouring alcohol all over the place, and they honored Adenhart and his memory by ‘including’ him in their celebration. That has pretty much nothing to do with a drunk driver crashing into Adenhart’s car, unless you also want to state how shameful it is if Adenhart’s jersey ever enters a motorized vehicle.
Anyone who seriously thought that the Angels were mocking Adenhart’s death, or that by including him in their celebration unintentionally mocked his death, should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.

When you look at the situation retroactively regarding Adenhart’s untimely death and abstract it when seeing the Halos celebrate, yeah, it’s rather awkward, but that is making the situation far too cerebral and transferring responsibility, in my opinion. I am certain that Andrew is absolutely correct that it was a celebration and nothing more. The (allegedly drunk) driver of the car was at fault, not the car, and not the alcohol.

i’m completely serious. i don’t think the angels players “intended” on making a mockery of a horrible situation. i just think they gave absolutely no thought to what they were doing or the sensitive nature of the situation.
“That has pretty much nothing to do with a drunk driver crashing into Adenhart’s car, unless you also want to state how shameful it is if Adenhart’s jersey ever enters a motorized vehicle.”
adenhart and his 3 passengers (one being the underage driver of nicks car) where under the influence as well. this isn’t a case of everyone on the team shaving their heads to show support for a teammate with cancer. this is more akin to taking a pack a smokes to the headstone of an emphysema victim.

sf rod: I totally understand and appreciate how you may feel that it was insensitive. From the outside, sure, it looks inappropriate, but on the inside, I would guess that his teammates/friends were rightly not concerned with “external opinion.” Accordingly, I think you are right that there was no “thought” involved, because the only appropriate thing would have been not to involve his jersey in the celebration, and maybe would be just as inappropriate as well. However, I do not think that the analogy about someone deliberately taking a pack of smokes to the headstone of a victim of a lifestyle choice is relevant.

ag- i’m listening to what yer sayin’ but i only hear what i want to. there’s a thousand different ways his teammates/friends could have included nicks memory in a celebratory manner. dumping a tall boy on his burial plot isn’t one that comes to mind. run his jersey up a flagpole, have his family come down onto the field, gather in a circle in centerfield and say a few words in remembrance, or maybe just take a team trip to his grave site. this tragedy affected 5 different families. would it have been in good taste to take his jersey out to the strip club? if the jersey was the symbol and embodiment of the man, they shouldn’t have been treating it like it was the stanley cup.

‘…I get you, rod….”
i don’t ag…with all due respect, rod is off base…i don’t know how choreographed this moment was, but to suggest that the angels were in any way not respecting their teammate is bullshit…as someone who’s had the burden of not only losing a brother at one point in my life and another time my best friend, all of us at a very young age, i can tell you we don’t know how to react…coping is very different to everyone…i honestly didn’t know what to do…celebrating with alcohol is inherently awkward, if not inappropriate, but it’s customary in some circles, and i can tell you it was one way that we got lost in our sorrow…not sure why rod has this particular hair across his posterior, but he may want to pick another cause…

dc- i think all ag was saying is that he gets where i’m coming from but doesn’t really agree.
i used to slam dope with a girlfriend who eventually od. in my junkie brain i thought i was honoring her by using her tie-off when i’d shoot. somehow i was able to rationalize it then, but it turns my stomach now.
would it be in poor taste to take nicks jersey to a strip club?

rod, i think we’re more on the same page than we realize…i’m sorry for your loss, as i know you are the type of person who is sorry for mine…as we both are for the angels…sorrow is a tough thing to deal with, and to try to rationalize individual’s reactions to it is even tougher…that was my only point…

dc- i hear ya. everyone copes in their own way and it’s nearsighted to try to knock someone for doing so. i’m truly sorry for what you had to go thru with your brother, and anyway that helped you deal i would be in support of.
my last point on this issue is to the forethought that went into the celebration. if it was something pre-planned (which i tend to believe), i hope the issue of tact was discussed. if they at least pondered it, i’d feel better about the whole thing. just my opinion.

yeah, i understand your point better now rod…it was one of those awkward moments, and i’d be fibbing if i didn’t admit to you that it did make me feel a little wierd watching it…i agree with you that it was most likely premeditated, but i think those guys hearts were in the right place…they wanted to have a public show of affection and comeraderie for their teammate to demonstrate that while he was gone, they had not forgotten him, and that they felt the need to include him in their celebration…the intent was good, it’s the execution that’s up for debate, and i can understand better now why you questioned it…

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