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Division Series Rematch! Twins-Yanks Gamer II

Ron Gardenhire's Twins are in Yankee Stadium for the second game of their three-game sweep, I mean, series. CC Sabathia against Jason Duensing. Comment away!

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“Ron Gardenhire might be the most overrated manager in baseball.”
Nah, that still goes to Mike Scioscia. The guy manages the team of destiny and he’s still riding the wave.
I would give the award to Ozzie Guillen but I don’t know anyone outside of those crazy Chicagoans who actually thinks he’s a positive for the White Sox.

Not going to argue with you about Scoscia. Guillen is so crazy he might actually be good. But that might be a really dumb statement on my part, too.
Maybe it should be Tito? :-(

It’s not exactly sunshine and rainbows in Yankeeland tonight either. Girardi has never really been rated highly so he can’t be overrated, but he made a dumb bullpen move and now the Yankees are going to have to walk-off to win against their perennial patsies.
Girardi is one of the best at managing bullpens in the longterm, but like all managers he can make some mind-numbingly stupid moves from game to game.

Was at tonight’s game. An absolute gut-puncher for my first one at the stadium in ’11. Not sure I agree with blaming Girardi. The implosion fell squarely on Soriano. And he’s being paid up the wazoo to pitch that inning. He walks 3 and gives up a single when handed a 4-0 lead?? The base clearing double that Robertson gave up was an incredibly unlucky spinning corker bloop. This is all on Soriano (and Swisher for not keeping that bloop in front of him to prevent the tying run from scoring). Blech. So much for our vaunted pen.

Shocked the Yanks lost this one; I stopped paying attention with them up 4-0 in the 8th. I don’t know how you can blame Girardi, Soriano really shit the bed.
The Most Overrated Manager definitely goes to Scioscia. “But he’s an American League manager who plays small-ball! He steals bases!” Give me a break.

Few things…
1. Soriano wasn’t good, that was clear. Although his velocity was (nearly) back it seemed.
2. Joba-Soriano-Mo seems like a good plan, but it doesn’t have to be the ONLY plan every time the situation arises. The Yankees do have other options.
3. The Robertson bloop was terrible. It was a good pitch in a tough count (full) and Young just got lucky.
4. I don’t know IH, the was a tough ball…Swisher had to slide as both Cano and Tex were headed right for him. If he stays on his feet a collision might have been the end result. Ball took a strange hop also.
5. All coaches and managers are overrated. Heck Ron Washington is now considered a good manager, what does that tell you? It’s about the players 90% of the time. Not easy to say considering I am a coach, but it’s true. Game prep and field management/strategy are really a small % of the actual process when you break it down.

I suppose I can understand Girardi’s reasoning. He wanted to bring in Soriano so that Rivera wouldn’t have to pitch the 9th.
But if he’s so certain Robertson would give up that run that would ‘force’ Rivera into the game, wouldn’t he have just brought Rivera into the 9th when Robertson inevitably gave up that run?
Still though, you should reasonably expect your setup man to not walk in a run, so it’s tough to place too much blame on the manager for this one. Pitcher’s gotta pitch.

The two factors that get me are:
1. Mariano is 41 years old. 41!!!
2. Soriano, who would be the closer on pretyt much any other team in the league, is being paid closer money to handle the 8th.
Given these two realities, i completely understand Girardi wanting to stop the foolishness of multi-inning saves by Rivera and save any such extended duty for possible October ball. Without Soriano I would undertand this. With Soriano I see it as practically the only reasonable way to manage. if Soriano or anyone else had any doubts whether he should be second fiddle to Mariano at this stage of their careers, they need only look at how they each performed last night. How often has Mariano walked three in an inning in his expansive career with the Yankees? And Soriano does it in his first week?? When handed a 4-0 lead no less!?! I left last night’s game so pissed at Soriano and thought sleeping on it would do me well. I’m just more bitter. I need another game to get past it!

i doubt if mo has walked as many as 3 in an entire season…of course he has [11 last season], i’m exaggerating, but sheesh, a closer walking 3 in row?…

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