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Heads up: a most compelling media event is coming to PBS soon from Ken Burns:  "The Tenth Inning", his addendum to his brilliant, moving, inspirational tribute to The Greatest Game Ever Invented: Baseball.

Tonight, it's Daisuke Matuszaka and Dustin Mosely pitching in the Bronx.

Meanwhile, comment away!

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So the Yanks switch things back from Mosely to Hughes. Fact is that this is a big game, as strange or paranoid as that statement may seem to some. A win tonight and all the Yankees need is to win one more game in their next 6 OR have Boston lose a single game and they’re in the playoffs. A loss tonight and it is very conceivable that the Yankees end up in Fenway for the final three games of the season needing to win at least one game and there is every reason for the Yankees to try to keep from giving the Sox that life or placing that stress on their own stumbling players. For the last three weeks they’ve played horribly. A win tonight and they can at least breath easier. And as I type the Sox take the 1-0 lead in the 3rd.

This team is playing tighter than a snare drum. Jeter Ks twice looking. I swear if the Sox go up by more than 2 runs at any point I think the Yanks are cooked. They were already pressing when the game was 0-0.

That was a sick catch by Kalish. All the way up to the moment he caught it I didn’t think he could get there. If that had happened with men on base before A-Rod’s HR it would have driven me to self-mutiliation.

Scutaro on, no outs, meat of order coming up. Feeling very queasy. I would not be opposed to a 6-out save for Mo here. They need this effing game. And Cano muffs the EASY DP. Wow. Now the crazy-hot Martinez up representing the go-ahead run.

I’m sorry, but what the F is Girardi doing? IBB to David (the go-ahead-run) Ortiz to bring in Beltre??? If yoiu’re going to bring in Rivera, bring him in against Ortiz. I really really don’t get this at all. Not at all. I don’t care if it works, that is moronic. Beltre?!?!? Whatever his career numbers vs. Mo, he has been brilliant this year. And Ortiz is the go-ahead run!!!!! For a guy like Mo, who gives up so few hard hits anyway, why would you voluntarily put the go-ahead run on base.

That thing I said about Mo giving up very few hard hits? You can forget about that. Two bullets lead off the 9th. Yanks lucky that Lowrie’s was knocked down by the gale-force winds. Kalish on second, 1 out…

Tie game. Puke. The only thing that brings the bile up more forcefully than Joe Morgan’s last idiotic (let alone blatantly inaccurate) commen before that hit: “Gardner does not have a strong arm in centerfield”.

I’ve been watching the game on Mute ever since Joe Morgan said that Sabathia is the Cy Young because Wins are the most important statistic figure for a “big-game pitcher”.
Wow, lots of stolen bases this inning. Bill Hall is pumped up.

“The only difference is that the Yankees will be playing baseball in two weeks while the Sox are not.”
I still think that’s right Ath, but let’s just fast forward 48 hours. If the Sox have won two games in Chicago and the Yanks drop their first game in Toronto (a team that has given them fits this year) then the Yanks will have a 3 game lead on the Sox for the WC. The Yanks’ will not be able to do anything to assure that they don’t hvae to win a game in Fenway next weekend. And all the pressure in the world would be on the Yankees come Friday night if that indeed becomes the case.

Wow. Papelbon threw some nasty pitches there and that last one was awesome. Thank God A-rod didn’t swing. Well Cano has been expanding his zone for the past 3 weeks after an entire season of brilliance at the plate.

Pop out. Playoff game indeed. And the Yanks enter the extra innings with Joba (I’m-either-unhittable-or-I-give-up-nothing-but-doubles-and-HRs) Chamberlain and without Teix or Swish in front of A-Rod in the lineup. yeah.

The slowest developing play I’ve ever seen right there. Boone Logan and David Ortiz in a foot race with a slow dribbler up the line. Would be nice if the Captain could do something consequential in this inning. he is certainly due.

Now that is some serious BABIP-misfortune. Great play by Beltre. He has been awesome for Boston this year. Yanks lucky it wasn’t a DP. Boston lucky it wasn’t ballgame. Squeeze play with Gardner at 3rd. I’m only half-joking.

No problem IH; I’ve been so busy this past year that I haven’t had a chance to be around as often as I’d like. I’m getting married on Saturday, so it’s a good thing those final Yanks-Sox games won’t matter!

You’re getting married!?!?!? That’s huge Atheose. Congratulations. Great news. Wow. Awesome. I got married in late October, assuring me of a lifetime of sneaking a peak at world series games during anniversary celebrations…you’re a smart man to do it in September – you’ll only be sneaking out to catch dramatic end-of-the-regular-season action :o)

I proposed last October (during the Sox failed playoff run), and then a month later when the Yanks were world champions I told my fiancee that we had to move our wedding date back to Spring 2011 because I can’t get married in a world where the Yankees are world champions. She disagreed.
Thanks for the well-wishes, guys! I’ll post some pics when we get back in a few weeks.

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