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Double Dip to Double Trouble

The Yanks endured a couple of long days at the ballpark this week to complete a nice sweep of the Rays. Everything was clicking and hopefully it will continue in Baltimore. The real challenge will be to solve Lopez and Ponson who bedeviled the Yanks a few days ago. It was great to finally pick up a game in the standings, which hasn’t happened since the Jurassic period.

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See, children? There are no monsters in the closet. There’s nothing to be scared of, no big bad Devil (Ray) lurking, trying to sneak up on you and take all your toys! One day you’ll be able to sleep with the closet door open; no wild things are going to come and get you. It will take time. So have no worries – one day all your fears will be looked at as a silly imagination run amok. Maturity will come, in time, we hope, and you will have to forfeit (oh, how crazy that sounds!) your fantasies.

Will MLB have the guts to create Sox/Rays twinbill for the Yanks next Sunday? The Rays play Toronto that afternoon and can certainly make it to NY for a night cap.

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