No long missives here about last night’s beautiful victory. Just a smile, a picture, and a quick thought. The Bruins, a long love of ours that faded when Joe Thornton was traded and came back to life in time to see the team squander an historic 3-0 series and game lead against Philly, won the Stanley Cup. We truly, sincerely, never thought we’d utter that phrase, “the Bruins won the Stanley Cup”. For us it was a video game fantasy, a lifelong jealousy of other teams.

No more. Congrats to the Bs.

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It’s really crazy. My Dad got season tickets as one of the first big things he ever did after he graduated from college, this was back in the early 60s. He and his best friend from high school had them, seats at glass level at the old Garden, spectacular seats, for 40+ years, and my dad bowed out when he too got sick of the Jacobs’ interest in being just above-average, never great. His friend Dickie kept the seats, and has stayed in attendance. In 1972 my mom and dad took a TV to their birthday dinner to watch Orr & Co. beat the Rangers. My mom, gentle as she is, loved (still loves) the fights. They are in Italy right now and I woke them up at 5am their time last night to tell them what happened, then interrupted them in the middle of a Brunelleschi chapel today to follow up.
I grew up watching 80+ games a year (once NESN came online) and going to several at the old Garden. So losing the Bruins to some apathy in the mid-2000s was frankly kind of sad, and I am glad I came back into the fold a bit a couple of seasons ago. I grew up a diehard with Bruins stuff all over my room (more Bs stuff than Sox stuff, in fact), and while I am not back at that level of craziness (I was frankly a bit demented about the Bruins) I am so happy, I really can’t believe this happened.

i grew up in the northeast, and hockey was a sport for some of the local high schools…i had friends that would get ice time at the local arena and play pick up games…my cousin married a minor league hockey player…but, i never got into the sport…i can be happy for you though sf…congrats…sorry krueg

Hockey’s always been the third or fourth of the four major sports for me, but it’s great to see Boston, a city I love, bring home another championship.
I posted this on Facebook, but it’s worth repeating: In my 18 years living in New England, the only two titles the Boston teams brought home were by the Celtics, both of which occurred before I turned 4. In the 10 or so years since I left for college in Texas, Boston teams have now won seven championships. Now it’s up to the Sox to make it eight!
Another crazy thing: All four Boston coaches — Belichick, Rivers, Francona, Julien — now have a title to their name with their current teams. Has that ever happened before in one city?

Congrats from this NY Rangers fan. Well-earned, the Bruins worked as a team and outplayed them. Thornton coming back in the line-up after game 2 made a big difference as well. Enjoy it!

Congrats you bastards. Now we’ll have another group of Boston fans to contend with that never existed before…ala Patriots pre-03.
Yes, I’m bitter. ;)
I guess you guys were right about the Vancouver fans though. Man. We didn’t even riot in Buffalo after “NO GOAL” when we were clearly raped by the NHL in ’99!

Chara looks like a madman with the Playoff Beard.

I am imminently happy for Recchi, who goes out in style; Bergeron, who, in his 8th year in the league, has served nitice that he’s a bonafide player to be reckoned with; Marchand, who is now the NHL’s No. 1 rink rat; TT, who took the longest road imaginable to stardom, toiling in Europe and the minors before he fianlly got a shot to show the NHL that he know what it takes to win; and Claude, who made Lou Lamoriello look like a fool and who has earned the status he’s so deserved in the pantheon of terrific coaches; Chiarelli, who had the guts to fire Uncle Dave after a season and hire Clode, admitting he’d made a mistake; and, of course, Cam Neely, who I once sat to in the press box at the old Chicago Stadium (the only time I ever covered an NHL game), and listened to him tell me, after he finally was making progress after the shitty Ulf hit, that he’d probably be day-to-day for the rest of his career. A week later SI ran a story about Cam that stated the same, and also informed me that each of Cam’s parents had been diagnosed with cancer, a week apart.
And I have to give a grudging thanks to Jeremy Jacobs for finally admitting he’d been a poor steward to the Bruins and their fans and doing something about it.
Nope, I never thought I see them win it. And holy shit is it a great feeling to be wrong about it.
Next year, we see the emergence of Jordan Caron, a tougher and smarter Milan Lucic, a grittier and flashier Tyler Seguin and the 9th pick in the draft. And perhaps a repeat.
(Read today that has Vancouver as 5-1 favs for the 2012 Cup. That made me laugh.)

Stories always were that he was more interested in Delaware North than the Bruins. He finally saw the light and decided that Adams Division titles were no longer good enough. I’m grateful.

And thanks for the good wishes, krueg.
I promise that when Buffalo makes the Cup Finals, I’m in your corner.
Everyone deserves a chance to experience the Cup.
Except Vancouver.

After the loss to Philly last year, I swore I was done with this team. But I had the first game on the internet radio this season and rarely missed a game.
When the Bruins were on WBZ-AM, which is 50K watts clear channel, I would often get the games out here in the Midwest, the signal fading in and out. Drove my wife nuts.
Only thing I’d wanted more than the Cup was a WS ring.

Stop being so nice IBM…you are making it hard to be a bitter bastard and try to ruin your happiness!!! ;)
My grandfather actually knew Jacobs, not well, but knew him.

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