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Dressed, To The Nines: Yanks-Rangers Gamer

AJ Burnett brings his uniform and 9-9 record to Arlington after getting scratched from his last start. He faces CJ Wilson, coming of a quick hook against Seattle.

AJ vs. CJ, DJ leads off, and DJ Craze spins the wheel.  Comment away.

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In case anyone missed our SICK lineup:
Derek Jeter, ss
Nick Swisher, rf
Marcus Thames, dh
Alex Rodriguez, 3b
Austin Kearns, lf
Lance Berkman, 1b
Francisco Cervelli, c
Brett Gardner, cf
Ramiro Pena, 2b
A.J. Burnett, p
This game is going to be a bloodbath.

We don’t seem to win the close games like we did last year. That’s what really bothers me. There aren’t going to be too many 9-2 playoff games. Unless AJ is pitching anyway.

the yankees are certainly doing their part to make this a tight race right down to the end…i just hope we can hang on for the wild card…

In case anyone missed our SICK lineup:
I get the sentiment, but try inserting four or five replacement players/pitchers over the span of two months. Then play them everyday.

i’m trying to stay optimistic krueg…we didn’t just stumble to the best record in baseball, although lately it seems that way…i’m just a firm believer in the law of averages…like when the rays were sailing away with the division a few months ago, i predicted that they would come back to earth, and the sox and yanks would put some pressure on them [i know, not exactly a bold prediction, but still]…well, they did come back to earth…we’re going through another rough and puzzling patch right now…our team is too good to continue to play this poorly…of course the other 2 teams we’re battling are good too, so expect a scrum right down to the wire…if we continue to play uninspired baseball, we don’t deserve to win anyway…i’d much rather sit out the playoffs than get there and suffer another embarrassing early exit…

I’m just being me dc…you know how it is. We need some SERIOUS negative reinforcement at this point. We’ll make the playoffs but I want #28. Anything else will be a bummer.
I hear you with the injury thing but I doubt many felt sorry for us in ’08? You guys are still better than all but about 4 teams even with the injuries and can definitely make the playoffs still…

but I doubt many felt sorry for us in ’08?
Nope. :)
But, irregardless of my personal hatred, I did fully understand the delimma, and recognized the fact that no matter what: no team can sustain huge injuries.
I think that no matter what happens this year, Francona should be MOY.

“…I think that no matter what happens this year, Francona should be MOY….”
amen, i said that a couple of days ago too brad…somebody [can’t remember who] thought that they’d have to make the playoffs…well, i don’t think that’s necessary…if he can keep them in this thing against 2 of the better teams in baseball right now, i’d say he deserves the recognition regardless of whether they actually catch the yanks and rays…he’s doing an amazing job…

PS Lee pitching against us tonight so I’m not even watching. Our second 3 game losing streak in as many weeks…man, what a fun time! I love watching my team completely implode like a bunch of heartless pussies!!! WOO HOO!!!
PSS Looks like Hip Hip may be hurt again. He really needs to fucking retire at this point. Pathetic behind the plate, average at the plate…yawn.

“…PSS Looks like Hip Hip may be hurt again. He really needs to fucking retire at this point. …”
yeah, too bad they don’t have anybody in the minors that could be brought up for a tryout…bueller, buller, montero?…for all the talk about prospects and youth movement within the yankee organization, it seems sometimes like that’s all it is…talk
think i’m still gonna watch tonight krueg…who knows, lee might be due for a real beatdown…i can hope

You can hope for both of us…I need a break. I hate them right now.
(you know i’ll be watching. it’s a sickness.)
I wonder about the youth thing too. I think we just hype these kids to trade them for established players like Granderson. How great was that move, huh???

@ both of you: One pitcher can only face a team so many times before they start hammering his pitches that are strikes and laying off the ones that arent.
See Josh Beckett. He can pretty much shut down anyone in baseball, but the Yankees have seen him enough to start to really get to him. Look at the difference between his first seven games against them, then the last seven. The Yankees are too talented to keep letting Lee get the best of them. Especially with JUNK.
I say the Yankees pound him tonight and he’s out before the fifth.

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