Dressing Right

Of their five top draft picks today, the Yankees chose 4 right-handed pitchers, and a catcher to handle them. So much for lefties at the Stadium.

Does the newbie catcher make top prospect Dionner Navarro possible trade fodder?

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  • I think I read that the catching prospect is 17. Trading Navarro, in the absence of a readied minor-league replacement for Posada within 18 months of the Majors would be inadvisable. I imagine Jorge has a couple of years left, but they will want someone to get tutored, to learn the ropes under him, in the absence of a marquee free agent.
    They might do it, for sure, but it’s worth some scrutiny. If the prospect was fresh out of college then such a move would have been extremely viable. Trading a guy a year away or so, with the only replacement being a guy 2-3 years away from even being ready for tutoring is not necessarily advisable.
    You are right, though, Navarro is their best chip, and this does give them some depth. Worth watching.

    SF June 8, 2004, 12:26 pm
  • No argument here with the SF analysis—I was thinking the same things myself, and I’m sure the Yankee brass are as well.
    Another intesting draft note: we did see some of the Moneyball effects in this draft: lots of college pitchers taken with high picks. Conversely, we also saw several of the “small market” teams pass on kids who might have held out (notably 2 Boras clients with brothers in the league: Drew and Weaver). Surprising to learn that Weaver was number one on the NYY dartboard even with his brother’s history.

    YF June 8, 2004, 12:44 pm
  • Au contraire, mon frere. If they discounted Jered based on Jeff’s performances, only then would surprise be had. Rarest of rare are brothers who are equal. Greg and Mike Maddux, Bret and Aaron Boone, Brian and Marcus Giles are three examples out of dozens. Benjie’s and Jose’s kid brother Yadier Molina (Cardinals AAA) can really hit, by the way. Really hit. Note also that Jered, who at 6’7″ is 2 inches taller than Jeff, is a strikeout machine who had only 1.35 BB/9 last season. Yeah, it’s college, but chances are it isn’t Jeff. Chance enough to have the most dominant college pitcher first on your board, anyway.

    Mongous June 8, 2004, 5:56 pm

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