This is slightly old news, but last week a story circulated about A-Rod saving a young boy’s life on Newbury Street in Boston, swooping in and moving him away from an oncoming truck.  It seems that the story may have several holes in it (a truck going 45mph on Newbury Street, among others) – this thread on SoSH links to alternate threads on Royal Rooters (accessible to members only) and this thread at nyyfans.com shows that even Yankees fans have some skepticism about the story.  Suffice it to say, it’s not clear whether A-Rod ever grabbed anyone out from in front of a truck (though if he did than kudos to the man) or whether this is all an attempt to rehabilitate an image of a player that is rapidly becoming quite pathetic.  I had the luck of hearing the kid’s dad on Michael Kay’s show last week, and the guy was like a bad stand-up comedian, working Bill Buckner gags and weakly humored anti-Red Sox material into his tale of heroism. It seemed more like someone testing new comedic material than a grateful father telling a story of true heroism and had me wondering if it was all a tall tale.

As more "facts" come out, if they come out, we’ll keep you updated, but this story is starting to sound more and more like a very sad effort by a superstar to lift up his stature.

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  • I will say that maybe the father is making more out of this than might actually be there, you know how people are about their 15 minutes of fame. But to say that A-Fraud made all this up or is running some kind of scam? I find that really hard to believe. First if I had $250 million coming to me (guaranteed) I could care less what George Steinbrenner thinks, so imagine how much I’d care about what Sox fans thought. That being said if he did scam this whole thing, how pathetic is that, he should just quit and go away never to be heard from again.
    One more thing Sox fans, get over it. How pathetic is it that you enjoy seeing Yankee misery more than you enjoy the Sox success. I must see 10 Yankee Hate columns or hear 10 Yankee Hate chants at Fenway for every positive Sox column or Sox chant. Do you ever hear a Sox suck chant @ Yankee Stadium? Closest thing I ever heard was the “who’s your daddy” thing, and that was set up by Pedro himself. I’m no psychiatrist, but that kind of mindset can’t be good, what the *&#! is that all about? Can anybody explain?

    Anonymous April 18, 2005, 10:54 am
  • Kick a man while he’s down, why don’t you, SF.

    YF April 18, 2005, 11:19 am
  • Kicking as you speak, YF. We Sox fans don’t take more joy in seeing Yankees and their fans suffer, no way, but you gotta admit it sure is a hell of cherry on top, from our perspective.

    SF April 18, 2005, 1:19 pm
  • According to SoSH, most of the story may be checking out.
    Now about that car going 50 on Newbury Street..

    SF April 18, 2005, 2:59 pm
  • Did we say down? 3 HR (and counting) in 24 hrs! If he keeps banging like this, he wont have to worry about child safety.

    YF April 18, 2005, 8:35 pm
  • For crying out loud is this what the Idiot Nation has turned to wether a news paper story has holes in it or not. I find it hard to believe A-Rod is out making up stories just to try and get in the good graces of the IDIOT NATION. We all know that the conspiracy thery that the IDIOT NATION is throwing out there is true. There really can’t be a more trusted source than the NATION. FAIR AND UNBALANCED. That is there moto.

    Bob April 19, 2005, 9:51 am

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