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Easter Eve Gamers: Yanks-O’s and Sox-Angels

The Boston Red Sox are streaking, and the New York Yankees will be happy just to be playing a game. Daisuke Matsuzaka is looking to build on a promising last outing against a much weaker lineup while CC Sabathia hopes to equal Matsuzaka's 2011 win total (because wins are everything, right?)

If you're around, then you're free to comment on all the action tonight. 

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If Dice-K continues this way, Sox fans have to be encouraged. Between him, Lester and Beckett, that’s quite a top three. It will be hard for them not to compete. I think if there are any questions for Boston, it’s the staff. Beckett’s and Daisuke’s resurgences go a long way to answering those questions.

Also, if Matsuzaka finishes this outing scoreless or close to it, it feels like this rotation’s stretch of really good starts is starting to verge on historically good…am I off base, Paul?

Another K for Matsuzaka. That’s nine. I think Tito should let him start the eighth – he’s thrown 102 pitches but let him keep going for another 10-15. He looks great.

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