Eat your Innings, Young Man: Twins-Sox Gamer II

The bullpen’s been taxed a bit. Mortensen┬ásaved some wear and tear by bailing out Joel “Blown Save” Hanrahan and pitching 2.1 effective innings through the 11th, but the rest of the guys still need a blow.

That’s what Ryan Dempster was signed to do, basically. So go to it, sir. Diamond vs. Dempster, comment away!

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  • 5 innings in, fucking PUTRID showing by the offense. 3 leadoff hits in the first 3 innings, not one goddamn run. Also, Ross got hurt, so more Saltalamacchia. Christ.

    Down 1-0.

    Devine May 7, 2013, 8:54 pm

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