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End This Streak: Yanks-Halos Gamer III

Ervin Santana and Anaheim try to broom the Yanks while notching their ninth straight team win.  Ivan Nova has to stop them.  Comment away.

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The ALEast is bunching up considerably. The top 3 teams are all sporting losing streaks of 5, 3, and 2 games respectively while the bottom two teams are on 3 and 2 game win streaks. It’s the only division in which every team has a positive run differential and the only one where the two teams with the highest RD are the bottom two in the standings. By this weekend it would not be surprising if the entire division is within one game of one another in the standings. Who cares about any of the above? A frustrated Yankee fan looking for irrelevant data to discuss rather than the futility of the Yankees to push runs across the plate. Let’s go Ivan Nova. We need a shutout from you to stand a chance…

Raise your hand if you predicted the Mariners-Rangers game would stand at 17-2 in the 6th inning.
Now raise your hand if you predicted it would be the Mariners on top.

Nova is finished. Just like all homegrown Yankee pitching.
Horrible. One year wonder because of ridiculous run support, i.e. Hughes.
This franchise is in a tailspin.
No direction…payroll ballooned with bloated, rotting old corpses for players.
The Yankees are dead. It’s over.
Ring the bell and bring out your dead.
Please throw Cashman on the pyre first please. He needs to be put out to pasteur and shoot, then burned.

So Suzyn Waldman just said that the annoying fake-to-3rd-then-throw-to-1st move will be a balk beginning next season. This is notable for two reasons:
1. There are few things pitchers do on the mound that annoy me more than this move.
2. This is the first time in history that Suzyn Waldman said anything remotely interesting.

Granderson launches one and it’s 3-1 with no outs. Hallelujah. Don’t now how to find the stat on what percentage of a team’s runs are off of HRs, but the Yankees have to be the most homer-reliant team in the game.

As if to prove my earlier point, Suzyn says of Cano “he’s smiling…he knows he hasn’t been hitting the way he wants to hit”.
How one could NOT know that they aren’t hitting the way they WANT to hit, I don’t know.

AND Nova give it right back…
Why? Because he blows.
All Yankee homegrown pitchers do.
Unless they are in the bullpen or wear #46…but he came up when I was in college so…different GM.
I’m not saying I want Cashman to die or anything, just not be with the Yankees. Anymore.
Because he is a fucking joke and the worst GM in MLB.
IH and I could EASILY put together a better team than this with $200 million.

Did I mention our defense is a fucking joke too??
So to sum up this franchise…
Fucking horrible offense.
Fucking horrible pitching.
Fucking horrible defense.
Except Jeter and Pettitte. Can’t hate them…
And we are NEVER going to get Mattingly out of LA.
I surrender. I am starting the “YANKEES SUCK” chant in my living room.
My dogs are confused.

“IH and I could EASILY put together a better team than this with $200 million.”
We’ll start with 40 mill for you, 40 mill for me, 20 million in annual “entertainment” expenses, and 20 million on facilities (19.8 million of which to luxury owner boxes and amenities), and 80 million on the team…

Heat pull it out despite an all-time great performance by Rajon Rondo. I lost interest in pro basketball for years, but have gotten much more into it the past few years. Many many good teams, great stars, compelling matchups, etc.
Meanwhile, Nova is preparing to give up the go-ahead run(s) to LA of A.

Well, we won last night.
I didn’t see it either.
I guess I am the problem?
I love your accounting of our $200 million IH, but you did forget to put some aside for ag???
He has CHILDREN man!!! ;)

The hippie school of thought round hyah is that cloth diapers are the lesser of two environmental evils.
We actually use cloth diapers…except when it’s inconvenient which is like half the time, haha. (Also, to unabashedly brag, my boy is 3 feet tall at 18 months–takes after his mom’s family in terms of height–so his body laughs at the proportions of cloth diapers which ideally would have gotten us all the way to toilet training…but no, we had to buy an extra-large set when he was a year old to go with his standard set and now he’s grown out of those too.)
Uh, topic…congrats on the win! That AL East is hilariously packed in right now.

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