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Even Steven: Royals-Yanks Gamer II

Phil Hughes only allowed 2 runs his last time out.  That's normally a decent go but the .500 Yankees scored 0 runs their last time out, so Luke Hochevar might see the benefit of a desperately anemic Bomber lineup.  Comment away.

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I’m getting promo emails of all kinds for half-price and buy-one get-one-free ticket offers at NYS. The combination of the country’s economy + this team’s suckonomy is starting to be felt in the FO.
If hitting woes continue much longer, I would not be surprised if Kevin Long goes. Not because it’s actually his fault or whatever but because that’s what te.’S tend to do in such situations – a la LAA (that’s lots of a’s and l’s there). OK, one eye on the Yanks, one on the Heat/Pacers, and one on the American Idol finale…

Verdict on the evening:
1. Yankee game – kept feeling like the other shoe was going to drop and they would lose but somehow they pulled it out. That last out of the game as the tying run for KC raced home was as close a play as you can possible have at 1st base. I think the ump got the call right in the end. Basically with RISP the Yanks were able to get a ground out and a bloop single. That’s massive compared to what they’ve done in those situations for the past 2 weeks. Hughes with another solid though not spectacular outing. It is the Royals after all. But regardless, nice to see him settle down.
2. Heat-Pacers. Couldn’t figure out if I was watching hockey or basketball. Some of those plays – especially the end of the game elbow to the throat – would have been outside the bounds in pretty much any sport. Really really ugly stuff.
3. American Idol. Had my dates confused. Finale is tonight…looking all but certain that 5th consecutive white-guy-with-guitar will win. Ho-hum.

Did we win because I stayed away?
I believe so.
PS I got a HUGE interview on Tuesday for a great job. Keep your fingers crossed boys!

Good luck, mang! I got my old “contract with mandatory break” job (with a significant raise when the new contract starts) in July, but still looking for something with more permanence and/or money.
Videogame testers really are the underpaid scum of the electronics universe…just because the job is “fun”, haha. Try playing a shitty game for six months or a year eight hours a day, and tell me how fun it is to keep reporting people how broken it is…especially if the developers never really change anything…

Good luck krueg!!!
Devine, is that really your job?!?! You are absolutely right that on first take it sounds ideal, but the way you put it, yeah, I can see how it could be a drag. I imagine the same thing is probably true of jobs like “movie critic”, which always seemed fantastic to me, but i imagine could be horrible at times.

krueg–you bet! I quite enjoy the movie (you might have guessed), though aspects of it bug me professionally. Like that he seems to take the game from the company home at will…and has “the levels” “done” (every bug? all of them? wow, he’s either really good or the game has no depth at all) in a bound paper report. *gigantic eyeroll* In real life: 1) Bugs are reported on a (usually boring-looking) computer database. 2) When you report a bug, part of the job is to check they actually fixed it when they say they did; you don’t just turn in the bug and wash your hands of the issue.
I know that’s not really what the movie’s about…but I imagine many cops are pissed all the time at police dramas and the like.
IH–yar, and I won’t deny that when the game is good and you feel like they’re responding to your observation/criticism, it can be gratifying work. But I imagine it’s the same for the movie critic: most of the movies/games are dreck, and having to provide a response to them can be uninteresting.
There’s a reason I’m getting a Master’s degree in library science…

Dude. That is HILARIOUS!!!! Insider info on game testers…and yes, only people that partake really like that movie. Man children like me!
My wife will not watch Outbreak for the same reason. She says it’s BS!!!!

Don’t ever apologize ag…EVER…for any reason.
Don’t you watch FOX News???
You are an AMERICAN, and therefore never do anything wrong.

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