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Everyone Does It: Sox/Yanks Joint Gamer

Yeah, it's late.  So sue us.  We were busy getting back on our testosterone cycle, and we forgot about the gamer.  Comment about tonight's action here.

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My fantasy is that Manny was taking sex drugs, announces he is gay, marries his Dominican manservant Pepe, and California votes to repeal the ban on gay marriage in return for baseball unsuspending Ramirez. Baseball’s retarded drug policy is somehow re-engineered into a vessel for social justice.
Or, maybe he just did steroids.

“marries his Dominican manservant Pepe”
Seems like this marriage would be deeply flawed from the beginning, what with the whole imbalance in power thing. would seem peace and civility has returned!
Ortiz scrathed from the lineup due to a stiff neck…must have been all those posts flying today on Manny that did it.

Fuck you and everything that you stand for!
Just kidding of course. Somebody needs to tell Eckersley that his tie is two inches too short.

I got home and read the other thread…really couldnt start to figure out where to start. Everytime I got ready to post someone else did and started a vicious cycle all over again.

audible “fire joe” chants coming from the bleachers in YS. it’s good to see YF’s coming together to unite under one unified theme.

it’s good to see YF’s coming together to unite under one unified theme.
The rich ones already had: not showing up.

Three comments by Rod, all three focused on the Yankees, their players and their fans. Don’t you have a game to watch? It’s good to be a Sox fan right now, but remember everything is cyclical.

uhg. wakes gonna need to induce some swing and misses as he’s gotten himself into a jam.

I don’t think anyone should be fired, but if I were a betting man I’d say Eiland or Long go 1st before anyone else. Primarily Eiland.
The Yankees are losing 4-0, they have been God awful as of late and somehow Singleton, Cone and Kay think we want to watch them eat the “Official Ice Cream of the New York Yankees.” It keeps getting better.

1983 Opening Day lineup
26 Wade Boggs 3B
24 Dwight Evans RF
14 Jim Rice LF
20 Tony Armas CF
8 Carl Yastrzemski DH
11 Dave Stapleton 1B
10 Rich Gedman C
18 Glenn Hoffman SS
12 Julio Valdez 2B

This is starting to look like one of those “OMG re-trade for Mirabelli!” games.

“This is starting to look like one of those “OMG re-trade for Mirabelli!” games.”
Masterson should do the trick. If only Mirabelli were on a team.

Well you’re not a true Yankees fan if you eat anything else, John.
Double play gets us out of too much trouble.

I rest my case. One great player, one underrated player, a slugger on the downslope, a whiff machine, a Hall of Famer long since better days, a defensive scrub, an up-and-coming decent catcher, and two guys who probably would have been better off working at Jiffy Lube.

the “Official Ice Cream of the New York Yankees.” It keeps getting better
It probably costs $139.99 a gallon.

The Red Sox are 17-11, which is a really good record. Why does it feel like they haven’t even come close to fulfilling their potential? Am I alone on this? The winning streak was tremendous, but even then Dice-K hasn’t pitched much, Papi and Drew have been hideous, and the starters have really been mostly erratic.

I just called the supermarket and believe it or not the ice cream is not all that expensive, provided you don’t mind eating around the outside. The middle of the container is what will get you, $1200 for the portion closest to the center. Apparently though the lady at the supermarket said they have plenty of middles left and no outsides at all.

Drew is hideous, SF? He’s OPS’ing .846, which is below his potential but still pretty good.

Sox have seemed off since the start of the season..”Ace” can’t seem to pitch right…up and coming “Ace” seems off…Dice hurt…Wake being the saviour a few times.
After my criticism of Drew last year I will hold off. I got skewered on here like a fat man in a cannibal camp.

Bailey lines a double off of that guy who eats hotdogs for a living. 6-2 Sox.
Meanwhile, Teixeira strikes out with a RISP.

Hey John, not being a dick, just pointing out that they’re scoring some runs. Their offense has been atrocious this last week. No venom in my comments.

now there’s a firstbaseman that can hit with RISP. (not a jab a yf’s john)

Holy shit hotdog pitcher didn’t cover first base, so the 2nd baseman had to slide into first to try to beat the runner. That was humourous.
Another hit and it’s 8-2. Jesus these seven runs happened quickly.

Lugo with his third hit of the game. Bases reloaded with no outs for the MVP.

Told my 7-year old about Manny when I picked him up from school today. I couldn’t get it out without my voice breaking up. I’m really, really disappointed in that news.
And 10 straight to reach base without an out isn’t making me feel much better about it.

This is getting damn-near ugly:

I took a piss and came back to see Jason Bay homered. He’s God I’m tellin ya.

Tie game, but looks as if Jose Molina is hurt. The Yankees seem to be more jinxed than the pre-2004 Red Sox. (Not a jab at SF’s by any means :) )

Most runs in an inning: 17 by the Red Sox against the Tigers in 1953. We’re 5 runs short.

Right, but we scored all 12 of these before anyone got out. Someone in the SoSH thread said the record for runs scored before a single out was 13, set in 1883, so I figure we have to at least have tied the modern record.

IBM, relax I was simply poking back at Rod and Ath…scroll up. I know it wasn’t a jinx ugggh. Please pick a side Sox fans, are we the cocky instigaters or are we sensitive and defensive? You can’t be both.

Pettitte looking sharp, 5-4 Rays. Zobrist hits a legit new stadium HR.

Jason Bay: hitting homers, throwing out runners, and striding the world like a colossus.

I figured IBM, you are usually one of the cool ones. It could be worse you could be a Yankee fan right now…each game feels like a root canal where the dentist takes a lunch break mid-way through the procedure.

Cervelli throws down the second on a stolen base and throws the ball directly into the ground. Cano promptly makes a sweet play, but not in time…1st and 3rd, 2 outs. Pettitte has thrown 115 pitches.

Oh I have faith, I am just worried that I will be bald and have an ulcer by the time they right the ship. I still stand by my belief that this is a very good team. The bullpen can improve, but injuries to Bruney and Marte were big. Like them or not those were your set up men, your 8th inning guys…instead we now have Coke and Albaladejo. Time will tell, but for my own well being I need a decent streak here before I go insane!

Cervelli batting a sweet .170 in AA with an OBP of .260. He makes Varitek look like Wade Boggs. It just keeps getting better.

Yes, as difficult as it is to admit I am psyched to get him back. Hopefully that helps Tex out a little and kick starts the offense. Nady, Posada, Molina, A-Rod…plus the BP losses, plus Wang, this team has not had an easy time thus far.

Please pick a side Sox fans, are we the cocky instigaters or are we sensitive and defensive? You can’t be both
Now this is simply not true.

ARod coming back solves a ton of problems. I’m legitimately scared of what the Yanks can do when he’s in their lineup.

Molina strained quad…Cashman on the phone now with Mirabelli and Flaherty.

Are you serious John? Holy shit.
Mirabelli is busy–he’s a real estate agent now. Not joking.

Ballgame. Victory.
Thirteen runs of thirteen hits. I’m happy about that.

after the crawford HR suzyn waldman on the radio call says, “sometimes mo throws too perfect a strike”. then after the longoria HR she says, “there’s that too perfect strike again”.
not even sure what that means.

Don’t even try to figure her out. Suzyn’s an idiot. Too many years inhaling Sterling’s CO2.
First time since 1998 Mo gives up 2 homers in an innings; first time in career he gives up consecutive homers.
He gets booed as he leaves the field.
Seriously. Booing Mo?

The Yankees are a fucking joke…period. Even Mo sucks now. May 7, 2008 and the baseball season is over for the Yankees. Fire Cashman, fire GIrardi, get rid of any players possible…start over. This team is an embarrassment to the pinstripes.

Not quite 1 run losses, but still, you get my frustration.
Bah, this is why the “high volatility pitching” is better than “consistently just a little worse pitching”!
But how can you bitch about Mo?

IBM, you haven’t ventured to the yanks thread often, I take it.. this has been krueg all year!
I don’t know. Half of it is injuries, but at some point, the team just sucks, either way. Bah.

That said, the delusional part of me thinks it’s still early.
Behind Blue Jays and the Sox? We just have to pass one of them. Seattle, Texas, Detriot, KC won’t hold their record all year long!
Okay, where’s my drink?

I hope that I am just over-reacting…I really do. But every single sorry-ass player on this team has contributed to this. They all suck. As much as I want to believe ARod is going to come in on a white horse, I think we both know that is not going to happen. All our free agent gazillionaires have done exactly what the nay-sayers said…they all have been terrible. Fucking terrible.

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