Everyone’s a Critic

Sat down to view "Faith Rewarded", the NESN/MLB produced DVD about this year’s Sox championship season.  I would give a minute-by-minute post-mortem on the thing, but if you’re a Sox fan you know what happens at the end, if you’re a Yankees fan you know what happens up until minute 67, and if you’re a Yankees fan with any pulse you also know what happens up to the end.  A couple of thoughts about this piece of history, beyond the "it made me tear up" obviousness of it all.

One: too much Kevin Millar.  OK, so Kevin gives good quote.  But as there’s so much video footage in the course of the DVD showing how wacked out and tightly knit this year’s Sox, Millar’s testimony to this effect seems gratuituous after about the eleventh time he talks about the team.

Two: Pedro Martinez’ appearance in this video, talking about what the championship means to him and Boston is how I want to remember him upon leaving, not the tabloid crap he spewed after joining the Mets.

Three:  The video lacks enough about the Yanks/Sox series, and as the feature begins promisingly with shots of last year’s heartbreak, it would have been nice if the DVD went into more depth about this year’s ALCS.  A missed opportunity, and I am just one of many fans that hopes the Sox and MLB issue a big boxed set of all 7 games of the ALCS and the sweep of the Cardinals.

Four: It made me tear up. Big time.

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  • OK, I agree about Millar, but what can ya expect? The guy never shuts up–and he is pretty funny sometimes.
    One thing I really liked: Varitek congratulating Wakefield after the ALCS. Nice moment.
    I definitely disagree about the Yankees’ part in the film. Actually, I kept getting the feeling that the video wasn’t about the Sox’s 2004 season as a whole, just about the Sox v. Yanks version ’04. Way way too much focus on the Yankees.
    No mention of our struggles against Baltimore either, not enough time spent on our hot stretch versus the A’s, Angels, Rangers, etc. That was a pivotal part of our season. And they basically passed over the whole ALDS in a minute.
    That said, I’ve watched the thing 3 or 4 times now, so I can’t say I didn’t like it. Eh, maybe I just like the plotline …

    Sam December 29, 2004, 4:48 pm