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Everything’s Stolen Nowadays: ChiSox-Yanks Gamer

Why, a fax machine is nothing but a waffle iron with a phone attached.

That’s the legal tack I would take if I were advising George Steinbrenner, who has been sued by former MSG President Bob Gutkowski. All your baseballs are belong oh never mind. I stole the lead quote from Grandpa and that link from RAB.

— Nice, Robi. Cano’s line over the last four weeks: 35 hits in 102PA, 10 2Bs, 5HR. He even got one walk in there, which is all good for a .938 OPS. What’s better is that he raised his BA with RISP on the season to .207; he hits .357 with the bases empty. I’m sure many have wondered if he should hit in the 9 slot behind Melky and Molina who really aren’t that likely to be on base.

— Nick Swisher gives his assist for throwing out Ramon Castro at the plate last night to Dave Eiland and Phil Coke, saying that they have been helping him work on his arm. On his second assist of the season: “It was like throwing a bar of soap.” Boys and their locker room humor.

— Joba’s got a brand new bag. Of Rules. I think rule #1 is “work smarter, not longer.”

— Brett Gardner is still experiencing soreness in his thumb and won’t likely be ready to start his minor league rehab by Monday. There’s only about 10 days left in that season.

— The computer that gerbil uses to update the score/schedule scraper on the sidebar is down for running-wheel lubrication. It should be back as soon as he gets his running shoes on.

Consider this your thread for your afternoon gamer/blacked-out baseball action as our old (ageless?) friend Jose Contreras faces Sergio Mitre. Lineups follow, comment away.

Chi White Sox
S. Podsednik lf .296
G. Beckham 3b .277
A.J. Pierzynski c .315
P. Konerko 1b .280
J. Thome dh .254
J. Dye rf .264
A. Rios cf .258
A. Ramirez ss .273
J. Nix 2b .239
J. Contreras 5.09
NY Yankees
D. Jeter ss .329
J. Damon lf .290
M. Teixeira 1b .286
A. Rodriguez 3b .267
H. Matsui dh .268
N. Swisher rf .241
R. Cano 2b .313
J. Hairston Jr. cf .314
J. Molina c .239
S. Mitre 6.82

87 replies on “Everything’s Stolen Nowadays: ChiSox-Yanks Gamer”

The game is on WGN!!!! WOO HOO!!!! I get to see a Saturday afternoon game!!! TAKE THAT FOX!!!! Facists…

1-2-3 1st for MEE-tre…NICE JOB!!! Not too many pitches either! Ok then, good start…

Might as well hijack a Yankee-related post to say that block of home by Jason Varitek last night was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. It was a good play by Tek, but the way it turned out, with the runner flipping around like a rag doll, made it look way cooler than it otherwise would have been.

What’s up AG??? Sabres training camp opens 9/12! You ready for another playoff-less season baby???

A young Chara that actually has skill…really hope he pans out. Got Grier back too! That’s sweet. Roster looks a little tougher with Grier and Montador in the mix, we’ll see…

Keystone Cop action on Jeter caught between 2nd and 3rd on a combacker to the pitcher leads to 2nd and 3rd with no outs for Tex…crazy

GODZILLA RBI DOUBLE!!!!! 6-0!!!!! 2nd and 3rd, 1 out….

krueg: I don’t know who can save the Sabres, but I know it crushed me when they split with the Amerks. Anyway, as long as they can do better than 90 points the fans will be happy to come to the games.

Isn’t that sad AG? Our expectations have fallen so far? Maybe Baisaille will buy the Sabres and dump some money into them. I think the small market factor is going to doom us in the end, probably move in a few years…

Actually AG, KR called the Fox people Facists. It’s very different from the Mussolini/Franoc/Hitler types you probably had in mind. Facists believe in withholding opportunities from people who have two eyes, a nose, and a mouth.
Good to see you keeping the faith as always kr…and great to see this score! We needed one of these!

That was supposed to be Franco, not Franoc…and Mitre keeps pounding the zone. Did NOT expect this.

Hell yeah IH! This has been a great day indeed. I get to see the game for once, that was completely unexpected, and the mailman brought me a gift today! 8-0!!! MEE-tre is going off, GREAT DAY SO FAR!!!

MEE-tre takes a liner in the arm, out…6.1, 1 hit, 0 runs. Fantastic start. Gaudin in now…

There Chi Sox announcers are two cackling old hens bitching for 3 hours. THEY SUCK!!!

Gaudin looks pretty good too!!! Is today even possible? Has my luck turned around finally? I bought some powerball tickets today too….hmmm.

ABOMB!!!!! 10-0!!!!! I LOVE DOUBLE DIGITS!!!!
It was a Stadium special but IT STILL COUNTS!!!!

Could that have gone any better??? MEE-tre and Gaudin combine for 9 innings of shutout, 1 hit ball??? The offense pounds out 10 runs from the entire order? I actually get to WATCH the game???

The Kazmir move annoys me for two reasons:
1. As a YF I hate seeing LAA get any stronger.
2. As a baseball fan I don’t like seeing teams that are as close as 4.5 games out of the WC race in August throw in the towel.
But I’ll admit, my main annoyance is seeing LAA have this guy fall in their laps down the homestretch of the season.

Sorry about the lack of gamer, been out all day. Use this one as a bastard. Maybe it will pour bad karma on the Yanks.

Why didn’t the Sox claim him? Is his arm and contract that bad? Or did the Sox pass knowing he would never get past the Angels?

Whaddaya think in the 9th? Buchholz till he lets someone on? Maybe depends on if they could tack on…

Glory be, a breaking ball strike from Papelbon. Still need two strikes/an out.
Make it 1 strike.

All your baseballs are belong oh never mind.
Best geek/nerd reference ever. I heart AG.
Oh, and woohoo on the win.

33 games to play.
Against good teams (10 or more above .500):
LAA (3 games at home)
NYY (3 games at NYY)
TB (3 games at home, 3 at TB)
12 total, 6 at home, 6 on road
Against okay teams (within 10 of .500):
CWS (4 at CWS)
Against crappy teams (10 or more below .500):
TOR (4 at home…TOR is 11 under .500 currently)
BAL (2 at home, 3 at BAL)
KC (4 at KC)
CLE (4 at home)
17 total, 10 at home, 7 on road
16 at home, 17 on road, but at least most of the road games are against okay/bad teams.

Here’s Texas:
34 to play.
LAA (3 at home, 4 on road)
TB (3 at home)
10 total, 6 at home, 4 on road
MIN (1 on road)
SEA (3 at home, 3 on road)
7 total, 3 at home, 4 on road
TOR (4 at home, including a double-header)
BAL (3 on road)
CLE (3 on road)
OAK (3 at home, 4 on road)
17 total, 7 at home, 10 on road
16 at home, 18 on road
Really pretty even at this point with Boston’s schedule, although getting to play Oakland 7 times probably leans it their way a little.

And Tampa Bay (because I am a sick man who can’t sleep):
34 to play.
BOS (3 at home, 3 on road)
NYY (3 at home, 4 on road–including DH)
TEX (3 on road)
16 total, 6 at home, 10 on road
DET (3 at home, 2 on road)
SEA (2 at home)
7 total, 5 at home, 2 on road
BAL (4 at home, 4 on road)
TOR (3 at home)
11 total, 7 at home, 4 on road
18 at home, 16 on road
The Rays’ slight home/road advantage over BOS and TEX (at this second) seems heavily counterbalanced by the toughness of their opponents.

Some questions and observations:
1) TB and TEX face each other in TEX the last weekend of September. Who will Sox fans be rooting for? Will it matter at all as the series starts with 10 to play?
2) Toronto and Baltimore will have a heavy say in the outcome of the wild card race.
3) Boston will play 20 in a row to end the regular season (23 in 24 days); Texas will play 17 in a row to end their year (also 23 in 24 days). Tampa Bay has just started their toughest stretch of 14 in a row (24 in 25 days); they will play 10 in a row to end the season as they get two of their off-days late in September.
4) I just wasted a f*ckload of time.

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