Excuses, Excuses (A-Rod’s troubles, explained)

Okay, we know he’ll break out soon, but with a .156 batting average and a scanty 3 rbi after 11 games, A-Rod should be expecting an unpleasant message on his answering machine from you-know-who any day now. In response, YF & SF offer ten possible explanations for the slump:

-Lulling opponents into false sense of security
-Doesn’t want to show up Derek
-Not happy with compensation package
-Depressed by Kwame’s loss on The Apprentice
-Finds large crowds break his concentration
-Missed BP 3 days in a row waiting for Time Warner Cable installation
-Unhappy because pinstripes make him look fat
-Left lucky bat in cab after appearance on Letterman
-It’s so chilly up here
-Newfound addiction to Broadway musicals a distraction

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  • “-Missed BP 3 days in a row waiting for Time Warner Cable installation”
    Now I believe that one. HA

    Michael April 19, 2004, 2:07 pm

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