Fair Weather in the Forecast

The reality of pain, and the joy of laughter
My hopes and dreams shattered
by the miscalculation of my own situation
It’s difficult to keep my nerves patient
Facing the forecast of fears
that none of my peers have ever been faced with

As if this pathetic and barely literate drivel isn’t enough to make one want to take a hammer to JJ’s writing/shooting hand (and Duke in general), everyone’s favorite tin-eared bandwagon jumper goes and shows up wearing his dress blues (less tasteful people might say "blue dress").  Deadspin and Touching All the Bases document the KoAFR. 

That’s "King of All Front Runners", to be more specific.

(Hat tip to YF-Spidey for the link)

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  • Spidey, do your job and dig up stuff on Red Sox villains. Is SF paying you?
    Duke, ah man, that’s just awful.

    Nick February 7, 2006, 11:48 am
  • Is he suppossed to be a St. John’s fan?

    walein February 7, 2006, 12:23 pm
  • I was a bit surprised YF didn’t call Curt out on his Steeler boosterism.

    SF February 7, 2006, 12:37 pm
  • Nick February 7, 2006, 1:07 pm
  • I was trying to keep it current, Nick.

    SF February 7, 2006, 1:14 pm
  • Unfortunately Bush is still with us. The sins of the past affect the present.

    Nick February 7, 2006, 1:32 pm
  • Okay, first, who’s minding the damn store in the Duke Creative Writing department?
    These words describe the soundtrack to my life’s song
    My mind and body united like the Colors of Benneton
    Harvard of the South, my ass. Here’s a hint: it’s spelled “Benetton,” JJ. But all right, yeah, Nick, I’d have been much happier to find a picture of Schilling doing that bizarre chop (?) and wearing a Duke shirt among the Cameron Crazies, but unfortunately, it was our boy Alex. As a Tar Heels fan, I found it especially grotesque. But the big question was simply what the f**k was he doing there?
    From Wikipedia:
    In 2003, Alex Rodriguez gave $3.9 million to the University of Miami to renovate its baseball stadium. The new facility will be named ‘Mark Light Field at Alex Rodriguez Park.’ Rodriguez had signed a letter of intent to play baseball for Miami, but was drafted out of high school by the Seattle Mariners. Initially, Rodriguez and the team could not agree to terms and Rodriguez planned to go ahead and play college ball instead. However, just days before he was to begin classes at the university, Seattle sweetened its offer and Rodriguez elected to sign with the big league club. Rodriguez, who was also recruited by the university to play quarterback for its football team, remains an ardent Miami Hurricanes fan and can frequently be found at Hurricane sporting events, as well as working out at the school’s athletic facilities in the off-season.
    Does ARod not realize that the Hurricanes are also in the ACC and that pretty much anyone who roots for any team in the ACC other than Duke is a de facto Duke HATER? Doesn’t ARod have handlers who might let him in on little tidbits like this? I mean, jeez, I really do want to be able to root for the guy, obviously, b/c he’s a spectacular ballplayer and he plays third base for the team I love. But man, he sure goes out of his way to make it tough. How about this, also from Wikipedia:
    In February 2004, he was Punk’d by Ashton Kutcher, but according to People Magazine, he told Kutcher to destroy the tape and never air it on MTV.
    Please. Alex. Get over yourself. People’d like you way more if you were ‘punk’d’ by doofy Kutcher and were humble enough to just laugh it off. Hell, Justin Timberlake got taken by Kutcher and didn’t get all wound up about it. Here’s hoping Alex is making genuine progress with his shrink.

    Spidey February 7, 2006, 3:50 pm
  • For some reason I thought that the Punk’d story was about Jeter, not A-Rod. I will spend valuable office time surfing Google and report back soon.

    SF February 7, 2006, 3:59 pm
  • Nope, Wikipedia has it right. Here’s the deal:
    In December (03), Rodriguez was dining with his wife at Los Angeles’ FORBIDDEN CITY when a waiter posing as a loudmouth BOSTON RED SOX fan provoked the sportsman.
    A source says, “The waiter basically called A-ROD a loser who had never been on a winning team.”
    The prank quickly became “very dicey” and, after the gag was exposed, Rodriguez refused to sign a release form – and also insisted that the tape be destroyed.
    Rodriguez tells America’s PEOPLE magazine of the prank, “It was a good idea. It was just bad timing.”

    SF February 7, 2006, 4:03 pm
  • odd, it was even before the debacle of 2004. I don’t get why it would be dicey. Wasn’t that when the Sox were trying to trade Manny for him? You know, the Manny that all you guys love so much more than A-Rod.

    Nick February 7, 2006, 4:11 pm
  • Frankly I think that’s a big plus in A Rod’s favor. Punk’d is usually such a mean-spirited show. i’m always surprised tha tmore celebrities just don’t say “no” I didn’t think making me feel like my new clothing line was being developed by underage sweatshop workers was funny. I started crying…haha, that was funny Ashton, ha, ha…I’m bleeding.
    If anything it shows an ability to restrain the need to be on tv no matter the cost.
    Also, possibly, based on no information, maybe A Rod has friends or relatives connected with the game he was watching?
    Possibly? Maybe he was rooting for someone and therefore the whole team? The way a friend might?

    walein February 7, 2006, 4:14 pm
  • I can’t imagine Jeets would have a problem with being Punk’d. Don’t forget his SNL appearance:
    …[ offscreen, Tino Martinez makes a hit ]
    Candy Soriano (Jeter in drag): God, I know I shouldn’t say this, but I think Tino Martinez is super-foxy, girl!
    Patrice Williams: I don’t know.. his wife tells me there’s not much to work with.
    Shanice Clemens: Y’all, Tino is teeny!
    Candy Soriano: I don’t believe that, ’cause I’ve studied that bulge!
    Patrice Williams: You know, Jeter is the cute one, Jeter is where it’s at!
    [ they all agree, except for Candy ]
    Candy Soriano: Mmm.. no.. Jeter does not do it for me. He looks like the Rock had sex with a muppet.

    Spidey February 7, 2006, 4:16 pm
  • walein brings up a good point: it’s entirely possible, even likely, that A-Rod was there in support of a friend or family member. Cynicism dominates the day of course, and it only makes the A-Rod haters smaller people and much more cynical than their target. Deadspin, usually very funny, was a disappointment today.

    Nick February 7, 2006, 4:19 pm
  • Punk’d is not funny in the same way that SNL skit was. There’s a difference between sort of just being mean and putting people in really kind of dangerously uncomfortable situation (most of Punk’d “pranks” consist of some kind of legal action being brought about against the subject) and dressing in drag on a skit show.
    I obviously don’t like Punk’d the show very much and I don’t think not wanting to appear on it because one was made to look awkward and uncomfertable shows any lack of humor or narccisism on the part of A Rod.
    I think SF is trying to Wizard of Oz us away from the abyss which is the Red Sox dwindling returns as a team post world series victory.

    walein February 7, 2006, 4:33 pm
  • Walein, if we are to believe the People magazine report (and, okay, it’s not exactly the NYT we’re talking about), the joke on ARod was that a waiter called him a loser and ARod got upset. I grant you that Punk’d is a totally terrible show, but I can’t see how that particular prank qualifies as either dangerous or seriously-threatening to him. Plus, once the ruse was revealed as a part of the show and Alex reacted the way he did, like it or not, it actually did say something about him being extremely defensive re the way he’d come across. Don’t forget that this is the same guy who issued about fifty press releases re which team he was gonna play for in the WBC—it’s not like he’s a JD Salinger-type genius recluse who shuns the spotlight. And again, returning to the original subject, ARod could very easily have gone to Cameron, rooted for his friend or family member (presuming there was one), and not donned a backwards hat and Duke t-shirt and not chopped the air with the crazies if he was, y’know, there for reasons other than being seen. You’d think that his devotion and affiliation with U-Miami would take some sort of precedence. I mean, Nick, maybe I am bending a bit towards the cynical side, but it isn’t like I’m making this shit up. It’s not like there aren’t consistencies re ARod—and I’m talking about his whole career, not just as a Yank— that completely warrant cynical interpretation. And again, I really do want to see him do well and get things figured out, b/c you can tell that all the attention sincerely troubles him at times. It can’t be easy being him. But the thing is he keeps shooting himself in the foot with stuff like this and comments like, “At the end of the day, I realized how important it was for me to play [in the WBC] because of the position that I have in the game.” To note that isn’t cynicism, it’s resigned disappointment.

    Spidey February 7, 2006, 5:12 pm
  • That pic of A-Rod was pure photoshop. You’ve all been Punk’d!!!

    SF February 7, 2006, 5:19 pm
  • Granted, Spidey, he’s displayed vain tendencies before, but the A-Rod haters’ (and I think you qualify as part of this group) reaction to this situation is nitpicking at best, and cynicism at worst and in all likelihood. I mean are you really criticizing the man for having a good time at a basketball game? Has A-Rod hatred become this irrational? It’s almost a parody of criticism. And it’s most definitely the result of idle hands and a slow sports period.

    Nick February 7, 2006, 5:19 pm
  • he’s displayed vain tendencies
    Dude, that’s like saying Jenna Jameson likes to “fool around a bit”.

    SF February 7, 2006, 5:21 pm
  • You guys are all missing the point, which is that JJ Redick is a putrid writer.

    SF February 7, 2006, 5:22 pm
  • Interestingly enough. JJ Redick’s real name?
    that’s right
    J D Salinger. Great writer, terrible sports fluff piece contributor.

    walein February 7, 2006, 5:26 pm
  • Nick. As I mentioned above, I’m a Tar Heels fan, and so of course this, today, comes from an partially irrational place. But, again, it’s just one story among many re ARod. And I don’t HATE the guy. I really don’t. I don’t particularly like him, but on the other hand, I don’t see how pointing out certain hypocrisies on his part qualifies as parody. It’s more than just vain to, say, claim that it’s all about winning and then bolt for $252M and the guarantee of not coming close to winning, or then to gratefully, publicly, accept the title of Captain of the Rangers while it’s a team you privately despise playing for and also know that your agent is working like hell to get you traded away from. These are facts. So if I doubt ARod’s sincerity now, if I’m moe likely to believe that his self-interest is his A1 priority, well, gosh, there’s a fuckin’ reason for that.
    And believe me, SF, I’m not forgetting the JJ poetry disaster.

    Spidey February 7, 2006, 5:45 pm
  • Moving to Texas wasn’t a move witht he “guarantee of not coming close to winning”. I’m sure Rodriguez and Texas thought that getting him and paying the ridiculous contract that they negotiated with him would lead to more success as a team.
    Also, one of the many reasons Rodriguez left the Texas Rangers was that the Rangers Ownership realized a little too late that they couldn’t afford to pay him, have a viable team, and make money as a business. So, he worked with them to get that done. I think he handled that very well actually. His only mistake (in my thinking) was even for a second trying to go against the players union in order to work some sketchball pay cut that the Sox were asking for.
    That being said, he did it to work out the deal to make both teams happy.
    Meanwhile, as for leaving the seattle mariners…there are alot of people that left the Mariners, and all of them are going to the HOF…so maybe it was more a problem with the Mariners at that time than with “money-hungry star free agents.”
    I think the Mariners were offering A Rod 80 Mil over 4 years with incentives and he was 25 or something like that. Good point Spidey…why would you leave 80 mil over four years in a profession with no guarentee of longevity when you can make 25 mil a year for ten years and play in a state that doesn’t have the highest yearly rainfall.
    A Rod’s crazy-scary selfish!
    I mean he could of stuckit out for four years and then knew that the Mariners would pay him a long extended contract…like the way that the Sox did with JD. Oh, that’s right…JD is a selfish bastard too.

    walein February 7, 2006, 6:00 pm
  • The Rangers had no inkling that signing one guy for more than Hicks paid for the entire franchise three years earlier might cause some fiscal problems for the business? That it might hamper their ability to field a winning squad, esp. given their pitching was a joke (problem addressed in the form of Chan Ho!)? It just hit them one day? Even with a numbskull like Hicks, it seems unlikely. But, gosh, that isn’t the point. ARod is far from alone in going for the big bucks. Another Seattle future HoFer who left Safeco is currently our ace, he left for money, and yet you don’t find a substantial demographic of Unit Haters out there. Nobody in their right mind dislikes Junior. There’s obviously something else going on. I mean, re free agency, it’s one thing to say, “Yeah, y’know what? I can’t turn down all that money” and it’s another to be disingenuous about the whole transparent process and pretend that it was never about the money. I think part of why Sox fans are so friggin’ peeved at JD (those that are peeved) is that last summer he went on about how he had no desire to play of the Yanks, how he loved Boston, etc., and suddenly now he’s Mr. Pinstripes Forever. It’s like Mike Hampton saying that deciding to pitch in Planet Coors was the right move b/c the elementary schools in Colorado are so much better than those in NYC. I mean, how are comments like that not a reflection of character? Jeez, why is that so difficult to admit? I’m not saying that ARod is evil or that he’s not an absolute shoe-in first ballot Hall of Famer. He’s the best all-around player in the league, bar none. That’s not even a question. And *that’s* sorta closer to the point. He’s so clearly the best, that there’s no reason at all for him to even indirectly have to remind us of that fact. We know! We know the ‘position you have in the game.’ And yet… I mean, God, maybe he could take a page out of Roger Federer’s book and just downplay his status a little bit. Because there are ramifications. I’ll ask you–do you love the guy like you love Jeter? Like you love Mo or Bernie or, hell, even Scott Brosius? Knoblauch when he wasn’t throwing balls into the mezzanine? Heck, the Giambino during his tenure here, with everything he’s gone through, has shown about 10x the humility that ARod has, and again, with all the monstrous talent that ARod possesses, it’s like doubly important that he *does* show some humility, don’t you guys think? At the end of the day, when Jeter–or really any of the guys on the teams of just a few years ago–makes a play diving into the stands, you know that he’s not doing it to make a friggin’ highlight reel or to pad his stats. He didn’t do it to add to his legacy, for Pete’s sake. He did it for the team, and by association, really, he did it for us. When Tino and Brosius hit those late homers against the DBax back in 01, the whole friggin’ city went bonkers b/c that was for us. It’s why SFs love ‘Tek and why Packers fans will pretty much sacrifice their offspring for Favre. There’s this whole other element of performance that has nothing to do with numbers. Do you ever get the feeling that ARod can get outside of his impression of he feels we feel about him long enough to just let it go and give it away? I mean this question sincerely.

    Spidey February 7, 2006, 9:19 pm
  • “Do you ever get the feeling that ARod can get outside of his impression of he feels we feel about him long enough to just let it go and give it away? I mean this question sincerely.”
    Yes. I sincerely mean that answer. For instance, when he was rooting for Duke, dressed in the home team’s outfit, I believe he was being a human being, doing what other people do when they’re rooting for a team. Do you think he asked the photographer to take that shot of him mid-chop? I don’t get it. I don’t get this dubious claim of his hypocricy. He donated money and grew up liking the U of Miami, and suddenly he doesn’t have a soul for cheering on Duke? How about the idea that he’s like a lot of people; he’s a casual fan of college basketball, went to a game and found himself wrapped up in the euphoria that is rooting for the home team. I don’t begrudge Schilling for wearing a NE Pats uniform. And why should A-Rod be targeted? Do you think he’s running for public office in North Carolina?
    Also, the way A-Rod plays the game is close to perfect. I’m not just talking about his stats.I’m talking about the way he carries himself on the field. He hustles every play, he cheers on his team-mates, he’s obviously obsessed with winning (at least to me). Again, it’s the height of cynicism to suggest otherwise in my humble of view.
    “It’s why SFs love ‘Tek and why Packers fans will pretty much sacrifice their offspring for Favre.”
    At this point in the game, Favre is severely hurting Green Bay’s development as a team. He’s not just mediocre, he’s awful. Plus he holds interviews weekly about whether he plans to retire or not. This equivocation would not be tolerated if Favre was named Alex Rodriguez.

    Nick February 8, 2006, 2:44 am
  • I think Spidey is spot on. And I think you miss the point about Tek and Favre, Nick. I think Spidey is referring to the bulk of their careers, and how they have carried themselves off the field, not how Favre has acted at the tail end of his career. I think that you decontextualize that to bolster your argument.
    As for how A-Rod carries himself on the field, you’re mostly right (did you forget the slap and how he explained it afterwards, just to do to him what you did to Favre?). I would, unlike many partisan Sox fans, take A-Rod on my team any day of the week, whether he’s won a thing or not, whether he’s issued press releases pointing out how well he got milk to perfectly moisten his cheerios that morning. But that doesn’t mean he’s all that likeable off the field, or that he’s carried himself with total class off the field, or, most to the point, that the doesn’t exhibit an almost pathological streak of simultaneous vanity and insecurity. There’s no crime in recognizing that.

    SF February 8, 2006, 7:18 am
  • Do any of you chowderheads really think that A-Rod (filthy rich, beautiful wife, 4 month vacation each winter, one of the top 5 ballplayers on the planet) cares about what some pasty faced, goateed, sweatsuit-wearing loser with a laptop from Beantown thinks about him?
    Laughable stuff. You tools don’t even know enough about baseball to talk about the game between the lines, you have to troll the web for anti-Sox/Yanks dirt?

    unbelievable February 8, 2006, 9:25 am
  • Do any of you chowderheads really think that A-Rod (filthy rich, beautiful wife, 4 month vacation each winter, one of the top 5 ballplayers on the planet) cares about what some pasty faced, goateed, sweatsuit-wearing loser with a laptop from Beantown thinks about him?
    It’s quite apparent from A-Rod’s own actions that yes, he does very much care about what us chowderheads think. Also, I haven’t worn a tracksuit or had a goatee for a couple of years, so that’s an unfair criticism. But I am pasty-faced.

    SF February 8, 2006, 9:53 am
  • So he wanted to experience the atmosphere of Cameron? It has to be one of the best places to catch a college game in the country. How many uber-millionaires sit with fans instead of luxury boxes? What would have happened if he had been wearing a $5K outfit and sitting on his hands like Hillary at the State of the Union? Um, pretty much the same tongue-lashing that the Sox fans sewing circle is spewing up now. Maybe he’s just not that into Miami anymore. Maybe his Mom bought him a Duke hat and shirt for Xmas. Or maybe he just cares about hitting .300/45/140.

    Nate February 8, 2006, 11:08 am
  • Nate is right.
    I’m emphasizing not his perceived history as a self promoting egotist (and he’s obviously provided much fodder for the critics), but this one event to demonstrate that the critics are being way too critical. He’s damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t with certain people (eg. Spidey and SF). I still don’t understand how his enjoying a game at Cameron fits into the pattern of his “pathological streak of simultaneous vanity and insecurity”. I’ve been accused of being dense before by all types of people, so maybe I’m missing something here. But it’d be nice if someone could spell out his sin in rooting for Duke, rather than harping on his $250 million contract and past vanities.
    He’s like Stephen Daedalus in Ulysses who says “History is a nightmare from which I’m trying to awake.” And that literary reference brings me to JJ Reddick. I’ve long thought this, and now it must be uttered aloud. Reddick’s solopsistic dreck is the direct result of the crappy music that dominates the radiowaves these days. Specifically, I’m talking about Linkin’ Park, Hoobastank, and other odd mixes of pseudo emo, hip hop, and light metal. The singers of these groups spill forth the seeds of suck ass lyrics that lead to even greater crimes against the English language. The Patriot Act is here, in all its Big Brother scariness. We must deploy it to some good. While rolling back the first amendment rights of perceived violent dissidents is one of its essential features, we should extend its capabilities. We should ban all Linkin’ Park, Hoobasuck music from private and public display. We should immediately arrest the members of these groups, and take an aggressive stance toward potential future groups. It will be a formidable task, but I think we’re up to it.
    And now back to moving my stuff from one coast to the other.

    Nick February 8, 2006, 12:01 pm
  • Really, there’s nothing not funny or worth ridiculing in the name of a partisan sports blog than a guy like A-Rod wearing a Duke shirt and doing the chop; I couldn’t care less about his supposed allegiance to Miami – that’s not the point for me at least. Supporting the Duke basketball team, one of the most annoying, holier-than-thou, smug programs in the history of sports programs is what makes this worthy material. That’s why it would have been no big deal had YF decided to post about Schilling and his Steelers shirt, and why it barely fazes me when you rag on Curt for supporting Bush and whoever else he feels like promoting at the moment: it’s worthy material.
    As for your take on Redick, you forgot the worst and most likely influence: Scott Stapp and Creed.

    SF February 8, 2006, 12:26 pm
  • P.S. where are you moving, Nick?

    SF February 8, 2006, 12:26 pm
  • SF, I’m moving from NY to SF. My lady just got a nice short-term gig there, and since I was tired of my annoying grant writing job, I’m packing up and becoming a Bonds fan. Plus, my brother, walein (can you believe it!), lives there, so it’ll be nice hanging with him.

    Nick February 8, 2006, 12:38 pm
  • Wow, I never saw that coming! Good luck in SF, Nick – the weather and the city are both great.

    Brad February 8, 2006, 12:44 pm
  • Moving in the right direction, Nick. Becoming an “SFer”. It’s not an “SF”, but it’s a step closer. We like it. Good luck. Just don’t become a typically soft San Franciscan who thinks it is freezing out when it’s 61 and sweltering when it’s 82.

    SF February 8, 2006, 12:57 pm
  • Walein has become such an SFer. But I’ll let him defend himself.
    thanks for the kind words, guys.

    Nick February 8, 2006, 1:23 pm
  • Pac Bell is a funtimes stadium Nick. It’ll be hard to get tickets with Barry going for Ruth and then Aaron.
    It’s a chilly 63 degrees here today by the way.
    Also, Spidey–
    “The Rangers had no inkling that signing one guy for more than Hicks paid for the entire franchise three years earlier might cause some fiscal problems for the business? That it might hamper their ability to field a winning squad, esp. given their pitching was a joke (problem addressed in the form of Chan Ho!)? It just hit them one day?”
    It was a business deal. Was it stupid business? Absolutely. Did Hicks think that being the first Baseball Franchise to go into defecit spending was a smart thing to do? Obviously he did and he isn’t the first businessman/senator/congressman to make that mistake.
    A Rod put butts in the seats, got money contributed to the politicians that I’m sure support Hicks and his many business ventures, sold alot of Texas branded clothing and equiptment…and then down the road the numbers didn’t work out and A Rod (who had no obligation to Hicks to cut his own salary in order to change teams) helped him out.
    Was A Rod unhappy with the situation? Did he want to win somewhere else and figured that he maybe jumped at getting the biggest payday before thinking down the line towards having a “winning” legacy? I don’t know why people care or expect any different?
    Alot of people dislike Junior. Remember when Junior said he wasn’t going to hit in the homerun contest? I do, and he got shit on for days and finally relented, after putting out two or three press releases with semi-bogus reasons. Remember how Junior was “a cry baby.” How he used to be all friendly and now he’s reclusive and mean? That’s been washed away because of the tragedy of his past few years of playing (his inability to play).
    Giambino showing humility? He’s a criminal, who cheated…knowingly, press released an “apology” for “something.” Major League Baseball leaked his testimony (1 point ownership 0 points players union) and when you have the threat of federal perjury charges weighing down on you “humility” is a good way to play it. No one has even suggested A Rod has done anything of the sort (sounds like his worst infraction is poker-addiction).
    I go to this analogy quite often and it isn’t a new idea or my own but look at Ted Williams and Stan Musial. By all accounts Stan Musial was liked has been liked and is still liked by every player he ever came in contact with, every fan he’s met and every sports writer. Ted Williams was an asshole (from a PR point of view…personally I like him), spit and also threw a baseball at fans, was by all accounts “surly” with writers, and frequently attacked other ball players’ personalities.
    Stan Musial outperformed Williams in the post season (Williams never performed as well in the post season as Musial but the one time they actually faced one another Musial outperformed him), Musial got the championship and everybody knows Williams.
    I bring it up simply because I find any argument about A Rod and his lack of humility, his vanity, to be disingenuous.
    There are no “Great Players” in any sport the size of baseball (basketball and football included) that don’t have tremendous levels of vanity.
    Tek is not even remotely as large a star throughout baseball and the world as A Rod. There aren’t as many microphones infront of him capturing every stupid statement he makes. Schilling only gets regional play because he seeks it out. Neither of them have A Rod’s appeal for a variety of reasons (but high levels of humility isn’t among them).
    Brosius didn’t have a choice (he played it right and got to stick around alot longer than Charlie Hayze????). I love those players (the Yankee ones) but using them in an argument concerning A Rod is apples and oranges
    Roger Federer? For real? Federer is not even half as well known as…Phil Mickelson.
    p.s. I’ve only been here since June and my girlfriend sitll gets annoyed when I say “San Fran.”

    walein February 8, 2006, 2:23 pm
  • Roger Federer? For real? Federer is not even half as well known as…Phil Mickelson
    I don’t have the time to deconstruct all of your post, but this statement strikes me as inaccurate. Federer is a huge star, worldwide. Not sure how he compares to Mickelson on the name recognition, but my guess is globally it’s not that different. As for A-Rod, he’s probably not in Federer’s league w/r/t worldwide profile. Few people in Europe and beyond probably have any inkling who A-Rod is, but Federer is probably, at this point, pretty close to a household name.
    Baseball fans (and many Americans, for the most part) get incredibly provincial about their “stars”. Ronaldinho is known by billions, but try getting a baseball fan to guess who is the bigger star, A-Rod or the brilliant midfielder on Barcelona, and I can predict the almost uniform answer. It would not be the Brazilian.

    SF February 8, 2006, 2:35 pm
  • Good luck in SF, Nick, don’t turn into a commie or a hippie, it’s only one step away from there be in a Sox fan!

    Joe February 8, 2006, 2:51 pm
  • Hey Joe, I’ll remain the heartless capitalist I’ve always been. Don’t you worry.
    Deadspin is funny again by the way. Check out the Giambi piece posted today. Now that’s comedy.

    Nick February 8, 2006, 5:09 pm
  • I may have jumped the gun with the Mickelson/Federer.
    I was talking about American Rules Football not soccer…soccer is it’s own dimension.
    I still believe that Alex Rodriguez is wildly more popular worldwide than Federer. I don’t really have the time right now to research it, and you calling me out on my sweeping generalizations makes it a bit tough to get work done and still comment irresponsibly at the same time.

    walein February 8, 2006, 5:37 pm
  • Nick, whatever you do, don’t ever say “Frisco”. Oh, and don’t bother packing your guns, they’re illegal there. Get used to 50 degrees and fog. They do have one thing in common with the “other” SF, an unhealthy infatuation with JT Snow.

    Nate February 9, 2006, 10:14 am

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