Farewells, Fond and Otherwise

We’re looking at the last days of Yankee Stadium, and I think finally it’s catching up on folks that we’re not going to have the majestic old ballyard to kick around anymore. For a bit of a memory jolt, hit the fantastic show of Daily News photos of the stadium at the New York Public Library on 42nd and Fifth.

I will admit that I have not taken a farewell trip out to the ballpark this year, not even once. It’s been an extremely difficult summer on the personal front, though I can’t honestly say I haven’t had more than a few opportunites. The truth isI haven’t been able to stomach the trip. I know, it sounds like sacrilege, but I hate “goodbyes,” I have my memories of the place, and am so displeased about the destruction of the old and and the fundmentally undemocratic new place that I just don’t feel like i can put the $50 or whatever it would be into the Yankee Corporation hands. Lately, it’s been hard rooting for our shlubs from my recliner—why pay for the displeasure? But more on this later…

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  • My buddies and I went for the first time this year (Philly) and it was a great experiance.

    Joefucious September 17, 2008, 6:02 pm

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