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Fat Lip-ica?

The Yanks get roasted by Mike Lupica here.

A taste:

He has the richest starters, he has the richest relievers, he has the richest lineup. There is no comparison. The Yankee payroll, as computed by Major League Baseball, is nearly $70 million bigger than Boston’s. You know what $70 million is? It’s more than the whole Rangers’ team and more than the whole A’s team. We’re not supposed to talk about these things in New York, where the answer is always the same, even if the Red Sox would have to sign five Randy Johnsons to catch up with the Yankee payroll:

The Yankees are only playing by the rules.

How about, after $194 million spent, you play the thing out with what you have and see how your All-Star team stands up the rest of the way?

I hate to say this, but I absolutely disagree with him, even as I think the system is all fucked up. The Yankees shouldn’t spend money because they already spend too much? What kind of logic is this? The Yankees have every right to try to acquire the Unit, they have every right to spend another 100M to try to stay in front. Why shouldn’t they admit their mistakes, try to fix their flaws, make up for spending so much foolish money on Contreras and Brown? To be “noble”? Puh-leeze.

Until the system changes, then the Yankees can do anything they want, as far as I am concerned. I think that these fatcat acquisitions reveal significant issues with the existing economic system, and they also give away other nasty character-related things about those who run the Yankees that I won’t get into, but they are under absolutely no obligation to stand pat. Why should they exempt themselves from the race?

Lupica’s off base here.

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Can we agree to a permanent Lupica Moratorium on YFSF? He’s the Bill O’Reilly of sports journalism.

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