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Feeling Groovy

Pineda is ready to go. I’m ready to watch.

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Thanks for this AG — hadn’t seen that article and it’s got me smiling and finally starting to wrap my head around the fact that the season is on its way. I’m happy beyond belief that the Yankees rotation has been overhauled. And if the next 48-72 hours brings news of AJ heading to Pittsburgh – or anywhere other than the Bronx – I’ll be overjoyed. Can’t believe we might actually see Johnny Damon in pinstripes again.

Everything I’ve read makes it sound like Pineda is a hard worker with a great attitude. Gotta love that!
I still want Damon too IH.
And as far as AJ goes…I am going to have a party if/when this trade goes down. Good riddance dummy.

Buster Olney just tweeted:
Sources: Yankees and Pirates hope to take their proposed Burnett deal to the Commissioner later today, for approval.

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