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Felix For The Kill: Rays-Sox Gamer III

Twenty-five runs in two games certainly helps when a team wants to reverse a poor start.  Game three at Fenway sees Doubront facing the Rays, who are now losers of four straight and send Matt Moore to the mound.  Comment away on your Sunday baseball action.

Tampa Bay
D. Jennings cf .194
C. Pena 1b .379
E. Longoria 3b .345
J. Keppinger 2b .214
B. Zobrist rf .259
L. Scott dh .455
S. Rodriguez ss .111
M. Joyce lf .231
C. Gimenez c .000
M. Moore 2.70
M. Aviles ss .296
D. Pedroia 2b .324
A. Gonzalez 1b .312
K. Youkilis 3b .185
D. Ortiz dh .406
C. Ross rf .222
D. McDonald lf .143
K. Shoppach c .364
J. Repko cf .000
F. Doubront 3.60

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Aitcheson can’t find the plate and Gimenez (or Maddon?) insists on bunting? That doesn’t look as smart as they were advertised.
Another pitching change. Padilla, I guess.

Good think I’m not a prolific game poster cause that inning just ended for me, over a minute after PBE posted it. I’m watching MLB.TV through my XBox and it’s about a 2 minute delay with the buffering. The radio feed on my phone is pretty close to actual time, which is interesting when I listen to the game while I’m doing some yard work or laundry and my wife is watching on the XBox. There was a play last week where I heard it, and about 2 – 2 1/2 minutes later she yelled about it.

Pleasantly happy that Padilla has pitched as w ell as he has. Could be this year’s Aceves, hopefully they don’t pitch his arm off like Tito did with Albers last year.

Moore still in the game. All in all he pitched better than Doubront. But Doubront’s outing was quite respectable.
And now Aviles hits one out. Maybe they should have taken Moore out after last inning.

Oh no, I’ll take the responsibility of not checking here when there is a big moment in a game, like that one. After seeing your post, I told my wife Repko would make and out, he did, then she proceeded to give me a hard time about being so negative which obviously transmits through the TV to the team…the joys of marriage.

Ohhhh…Jackie Robinson day.
“Wait, 42 isn’t Youk’s number, is it? Hey, that guy’s wearing 42 too! Doesn’t only Rivera wear that ’cause…oh.”

I think Moore will be one of the top young pitchers this year. As far as I know this was only his third start in the majors. And except for the second inning he looked pretty good.

Yeah, baby.
Winning a series against vaunted starting pitching is sweet. Still a 1-5 team on the road, but the home cooking has worked.
Morales looking like he’s making a try for the 8th inning role.

Gonna go with this if no dedicated Patriots Day Gamer appears this morning (game starts in around 20 minutes).
Unemployed (job interview tomorrow) + Patriots Day game = 8 a.m. west coast fun (until Bard gives up 5 in the 1st at least)

Not sure, PBE, but I loved Pedroia’s comment this morning that “Maybe that stuff works in Japan.” I hope this was just Bobby testing the waters and he’ll realize that kind of thing won’t fly. He’s already apologized, so that’s good.

Cafardo ripped Pedroia for his remark on the NESN pre-game show. Cafardo has been a cheerleader for Valentine since before Bobby got the job. It’s about time Cafardo gets his head out of Bobby’s backside and reverts to being a journalist again.

PBE, to ask the Boston sports media to “revert” to being journalists is hopeless. I think the best we can hope for is more reporters like Pete Abraham, who know the online media game well enough that they are at least in dialogue with their audience and to that extent there’s some accountability.

Not close at all. 1-0 Rays. I was in favor of him staying in up to the point of facing Longoria with ’em loaded, but I can see why Valentine wanted to see what he’d do with it. Lotta pitches for him, though.

It really blows my mind. Pena batting would have been the perfect time to pull Bard and bring in a lefty reliever (Thomas, since he was up). But then to let him pitch to Longoria too? I’m really, really mad about this stupidity.
At least Thomas got out of it.

Pedoria made a comment earlier today about Valentine not knowing how things work around the team, maybe Bobby was thinking, “your right Dustin, I’ll be more like Tito, starting by leaving in the starter too long”

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