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Fifty-Year Yankee Gamer Post-Mortem

Tim Cowlishaw of The Dallas Morning News provides a write-up of things he noticed watching game seven of the 1960 World Series — the one found in Bing Crosby’s archives earlier this year when formerly it was thought that no copy existed. I don’t currently have access to the video, but after reading that article, I hope to watch it soon.

“Games moved so much faster then. Hitters didn’t step out of the box and adjust batting gloves. They didn’t wear batting gloves. There were no strikeouts in the entire 10-9 game which, despite all the scoring and numerous pitching changes, took less than 2:40 to play.”

Any YFSF readers get to see it yet?

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OK, boys…I need your help.
I’ve been contacted for an interview. This job would be life changing for me. Big time.
SO, those of you who DON’T hate me, I need some serious positive energy thrown my way.
Those of you that DO hate me, if I get this job, I will have far less time during the day to come on here and spew my ignorance.
Either way…everyone wins!!!
Keep your fingers crossed and work your mojo. YFSF has magical powers.

Yeah AG, I recorded the game (MLBN is showing it every couple days followed by discussion with a number of players who were in the game). Cowlishaw’s observation re: the pace is probably the first thing that leaps out. It’s so at odds with today’s pace that it almost feels like they’re not taking the game – every pitch, AB, etc. – as seriously, which of course isn’t true and is more a reflection on today’s game as it is on the game in the 60s. Will write more thoughts on it if I can – am crashing out a proposal for funding tonight — life in the non-profit lane…
And Krueg, knock em dead man. Let us know how it goes!

Good luck, krueg!
Just remember that if the interviewer happens to be a Sox fan, BITE YOUR TONGUE. A mild “hey, I root for the Yankees, but man it’s been a good run for both our teams” would work well. Diplomacy.

Krueg, good luck in the interview, bud.
I too just stepped outside of my comfort zone and interviewed for another job, and I know it’s a little intimidating.
Best of luck to you.

Cowlishaw’s observation re: the pace is probably the first thing that leaps out.
This is true of the 1975 Series, as well. I have Game 6 on DVD, and it’s just amazingly speedy. I don’t really have any problems with the pace of the game today; it’s just different. Some people say slower is worse, and sometimes that’s true. Other times, the tension has much more opportunity to build, which I like, too.
And good luck, Krueg!

Oh, and the other thing that jumps out at you is the post-game interviews from the Pirates locker room. Not only the reporter’s awesomely bad patterned jacket, but the idioms that the players use, the speed with which they each step into the camera shot, say their piece, and then step aside for the next guy – much less pontificating and much less engaging interviews by the reporter, no discussion of “will you be hear next year” and all that, just a lot of “gee’s” and “golly’s” (OK, I don?T think there were actually any “golly’s” but there was definitely a major throw-back element to how the players talked about the game, their feelings about it, etc. Really fun – MLBN doesn’t go to this locker room scene until after they do the live discussion with a small panel of players who had participated in the game – all now in their 70s ad above – but it’s worth the wait. Even stronger sense of time-warp than the game itself.

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