For a frontline player like

For a frontline player like Pettitte, the moment to circumvent was probably back in July. Should Pettitte have been resigned to a big contract then? Possibly. But if Pettitte floundered or was injured in the second half, the Yankees would have been stuck. That’s a serious risk with salaries as high as they are. At this point, it’s probably in Cashman’s interest to hold off until the market opens, so he has some leverage and he can see what Pettitte’s value is, and then see what he else he might get with that money. And it’s also in Pettitte’s interest to see what he’ll bring. Everyone’s following the logical course here, as far as I can tell. Remember: Cashman has the biggest checkbook, so he can afford to play possum. And who knows what strings George has been pulling all along. Will the Yanks trade for Schilling (who’s 37)? Should be an interesting month….

Posted by YF on 11/7/2003 12:00:46 PM