For the record: I find

For the record: I find Singleton pretty innocuous, he doesn’t really do anything for me either way, which I guess is quite an accomplishment since he works for the Yankees. Kaye isn’t too bad – I think he really actually knows his stuff, uniform trim aside. He does tend towards boosterism, but I can forgive a little homerism if the knowledge is there. With Kaat, I think he’s really just a pseudo-intellect, playing like he’s Tim McCarver when he’s really nothing like. I hear more comments in the vein of last night’s from him than I do smart, articulate insights. Stirling, Steiner, Murcer, etc., well, forget about them – you know how I feel about them, particularly Stirling. Elsewhere, I agree that Miller is pretty good, easy to listen to, funny, on the ball. Joe Morgan tends to be self-centered, a know-it-all, though I find him listenable in any case. Sean McDonough for the Sox tends to be honest, harsh, and insightful – one of the reasons I get so mad at homers (and faux non-homers like Kaat) is from having grown up watching and listening to McDonough and Jerry Remy, two guys who aren’t afraid to call mistakes mistakes, to question managerial moves and front-office moves, to say that balls that were off the plate didn’t “catch the black” (like all of Clemens’ pitches somehow do to Kaat, no matter how outside they are). But then again, Sean and Jerry don’t work for a Hitlerian megalomaniac either, so maybe I should cut Kaat some slack.