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Fortress Of Cheese Steak: Sox-Phillies Gamer II

Antonio Bastardo has what I think must be the best Super Villain moniker ever created as his surname. The 23-year-old Dominican’s special powers (1.18 whip, 9k, 2 bb over 11 innings) will be on display this afternoon at CBP in his third start since being called up to replace Brett Myers who injured his hip when he tripped over one of his super eyebrows. The Sox send Daisuke Matsuzaka, whose rosin bag was replaced by a sack full of Kryptonite in April and is coming off a rough outing against the Rangers.

Lineups follow, comment away, Justice League.

D. Pedroia 2b .297
J. Ellsbury cf .303
K. Youkilis 1b .345
J. Bay lf .280
M. Lowell 3b .294
R. Baldelli rf .259
J. Varitek c .230
J. Lugo ss .265
D. Matsuzaka p .000
D. Matsuzaka 7.33
J. Rollins ss .221
S. Victorino cf .286
C. Utley 2b .294
R. Howard 1b .251
R. Ibanez lf .325
J. Werth rf .250
P. Feliz 3b .307
C. Ruiz c .283
A. Bastardo p .000
A. Bastardo 2.45

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This is some BS right here. I come home, see we’re up 5-0, then realize there’s a large possibility that the game will be called and it will all be for nothing.

Now it REALLY sucks that Ramirez blew the game last night, otherwise we could just use Masterson for 5 innings.
As it is, Delcarmen might go 2, but aside from that our bullpen isn’t too fresh. If Wakefield comes in then Beckett could pitch tomorrow.

Lugo could have knocked that down if he tried. Would have kept the runner from going to 3rd.

SWEET, there’s talk of Smoltz pitching in the majors on Thursday. Penny will be gone by then for sure, though what about Buchholz? 6-man rotation?

Is that sarcasm, IBM? ;-) He can officially be traded without his permission on June 15, and after the Yankees start his trade value is highest. Mark my words, he won’t make another start in a Red Sox uniform.

Not sure where my comment went, but here’s what I said:
Is that sarcasm IBM? ;-) June 15 is the date Penny can be traded without permission, and after the Yankees start he’s at his highest trade value. He won’t make another start in a Red Sox uniform.

Daisuke can’t get a bunt down, and instead grounds out. Lugo out at third, which wasn’t really his fault because I thought he could make it too. Now Daisuke has to run.

Anything, IBM. At this point he’s blocking TWO better options (Buchholz and Smoltz), and we’ll definitely get something of value for him. Probably a crappy A or AA middle infielder.
My bet is Texas.

My bet is this: They either put Smoltz in the pen, or they find a reason to DL Dice-K and Smoltz takes his spot in the rotation. I think Penny has more value in Boston that anything he could bring in return.

Actually IBM in the Smoltz interview he mentioned how he offered to pitch out of the bullpen, but that that idea was quickly shot down by the powers that be.
He may have more value than anything we can get in return, but does he have more value than either Smoltz OR Buchholz?

Repeat after me: You can never have enough starting pitching, You can never have enough starting pitching, You can never have enough starting pitching.
The Red Sox have never said, hinted or implied that they plan to deal Penny.
Hey, I understand the logic. But I just don’t think it’s a given as some of you do.

Wow, this game really slowed down. Listened to a whole Jim Gaffigan CD, and the game has advanced all of two innings.
IBM may be right about Dice-K going on the DL, but there’s no way Smoltz is going to the pen. These very Phillies sure need some pitching… I wouldn’t be surprised if they spring for the Sox’ demands on Penny plus maybe Delcarmen or something more prospectish.

Joe C tells that because the starter didn’t go 5 but left with the lead, the winning pitcher is at the disgretion of the official scorer.

And Werth homers to make it 10-6. this has to be Oki’s last batter.

Another option for Smoltz I’ve wondered about is to have him start in place of each starter for a while. One week it’s for Lester, then for Beckett, then for Wakefield, and so on. I know it might sound a bit cockamamie, but it might make sure every stays healthy and rested.

I like that in theory IBM. If the players sign off on it, it might be possible, but it’s extreme unorthodoxy will make it a magnet for criticism at the slightest provocation. Same reason no one’s sticking their neck out for the four-man rotation even if it made sense for them.

The Penny-for-Donald rumor was more like:
Phillies ask about Penny.
Red Sox say: It’ll cost Donald.
Phillies end talks.
Not so much a rumor as what the Sox want for Penny. Of course, the Phillies may be growing more desperate, and with the Mets losing Maine, and Penny’s great start against the Yankees, it seems Penny’s value will never be higher.

Oh, and as it turns out, Donald is out for six weeks with a torn meniscus. That, and the fact that Lowrie is set to return, would seem to indicate that Donald isn’t walking through the door anytime soon.

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