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Friday Night Blahs: Joint Gamer

Boston is leading Baltimore at Fenway, while the Yankees are knotted up with KC.  Can’t say I am too worked up over games right now, what with my Cinco De Mayo planning messing up my general malaise and all, but I hope you all enjoy the action.

Comment away and have a great weekend.

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We just scored 4 RUNS WITH 2 OUTS!!!! JETER CRUSHED ONE!!!!
I cannot believe what I just saw. I mean, the Royals are a powerhouse club so we are lucky to even have a lead at this point…

Jones Ks’.
Ace strikes out the side. ERA drops to 9.0.
I’m not going to compare him to anyone. But he looks like he’s starting to figure out this closing thing.
Celtics win.

From ProJo’s Brian MacPherson:
I believe that’s the first strike-out-the-side by Red Sox pitching since Beckett did so against Minnesota in the sixth inning on April 24.

1 down for Salty who swings like he’s trying to end it on strike 1, fouls it off to the right for strike 2, takes away for ball 1, pops it up. 2 down. Aviles.

If that’s what ends up happening (and it’s still early, I think the Yanks are too talented to stay where they are and at least they won a game yesterday), then it’s not the worst thing.
Watching baseball games in much of September of ’06 was pleasant and mellow for this Sox fan, once the writing was on the wall. It was easier to appreciate the games without NEEDING to see victory.
But it’s not as fun (though how “fun” it is to be a fan yearning for the big prize with no control over the outcome is debatable).

This game sure sucks. 8-0 Orioles.
Also, the O’s broadcasters just implied that Beckett is faking his injury to make Valentine look bad for leaving him in for 126 pitches in his last start. Wow.

Bad luck for Aaron Cook who looked very good into the second inning and then was spiked trying to block the plate. Quite a gash. He wasn’t the same after, left the game at 5-0 Orioles and now Mortensen has allowed a three-run homer.
This season is no fun whatsoever.

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