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Friday Night Delight: Yanks-Sox Gamer IV

Phil Hughes and Josh Beckett on the mound.  Enjoy the game and comment away.

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Beckett/Hughes’ pitch counts evened out after five. If I read it correctly, in the top of three, Beckett had 5k’s and had thrown 39 pitches while Hughes was at 24, with 1k.
What’s a better place to be?

Does anyone else want to see Youk or Pedroia blasted in the balls tomorrow when we are up 7 runs again?
Great night. There was a table full of drunk, obnoxious Boston fans at the bar with their various Bruins, Celtics and Sox gear on. Long evening for them, huh??? 0-3. :)

Cano was taken out Dusty because asshole Beckett drilled him in the knee. He was sad because he got rocked. See comment above…

not sure any of the hbp’s were on purpose krueg…pissed me off too, because i think beckett is a jerkoff capable of such things, but he just seemed to get really wild in the 6th…plunking jeter in the back sure looked fishy, but the bases were loaded…the only way that’s intentional is if he figured wtf, the games out of hand anyway, i’m gonna take someone with me…nah, i don’t think so…still pissed me off though, because cano’s going to miss some time…

I had never been to Yankees-Sox at Fenway. Got a single ticket in the pre-season lottery for last night. Sat 15 rows behind third base. And let me tell you, the place was quiet.
Great place to see a game though. You’re right on top of the action. And by the 6th inning a party of eight left the front row, and I was next to photographer’s row.
Met up with Jack Herrer before the game. I was ready for anything. Becket looked dominant early burying the curve in the dirt. But he lost that pitch in the third. And watching from close I have little doubt he was throwing at the Yankees. CC knew it too.
You could just tell he had a complete meltdown. Basically, Beckett didn’t give a fuck where the ball was going. Literally and figuratively losing his shit. Ricky Vaughn-style. You look at the scoreboard and then look at the state of mind and he decided to throw the game in the toilet. And his manager let him. Now no one’s going to look at the boxscore today and question him about it. But that’s what happened.
Hughes was an absolute assassin. There’s no emotion to him. He keeps his head down, under control, and marches onto and off of the field. There’s a sense to him that he’s struggling to remain calm and focused on one goal. Pitching.
Swisher’s shot took the air out of the place. Probably because it was so unexpected. Shows how talented the Yankee lineup is. It was Beckett’s first and only mistake. I’d get pissed too. He was cruising.
People at Fenway were super friendly. To the guy at the gate who let me bring in my “I’m not boycotting Arizona Iced Tea because it’s made in NY” can. Thanks! Security didn’t bother us as other Yankee fans delighted in the victory at the field for a good half hour after the last pitch. In fact, compared to the Nazis at Yankee Stadium it was like I was in Switzerland. The seats suck but then that’s what makes it so cozy.
It did get me thinking though what it would be like if they added a third level like the old Boston Garden. Just stacked the decks right on top of the field. That would be some baseball experience. Great park. Even better when it’s so quiet.

“…Beckett didn’t give a fuck where the ball was going. Literally and figuratively losing his shit….You look at the scoreboard and then look at the state of mind and he decided to throw the game in the toilet. And his manager let him….”
i dunno, do you really think he said ‘wtf’ to himself?…i’d like to give him more credit than that…he and his manager are supposed to be professionals…at least that’s what we hear…to think they’d tank a game, which is what you’re suggesting, just to put a physical hurting on the yanks, seems preposterous…i’m just glad the way the yanks handled it though, by basically doing nothing but raise their eyebrows a bit…i’m glad they didn’t retaliate because i’d rather not give the sox anything to rally around and get them fired up…i like things just the way they are…

I’m not saying it was intentional, it’s kinda like involuntary manslaughter…he didn’t MEAN it but he still did it. Not to mention I hate that smug bastard anyway. I just hope CC “loses his control” today when facing Pedroia or Youk. :)
Jack Herer..nice Paul.

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