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Friday Night Gamer

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Ivan 1-2-3 first…
Now the bases are loaded for Robbie with 1 out…Carmona cannot find the plate yet Cano is swinging at everything. A microcosm of our season right here…

Is Robbie Thompson the worst 3rd base coach in baseball??? I don’t know who could possibly know the answer to that question but…

Where is my other post???
Carmna nails Tex is the shoulder blades, almost in the head.
Tex gets up screaming at Carmona.
Benches and bullpens clear.
This is awesome.

Posada is seriously an idiot…gunned at 2nd trying to stretch a single…why???? You are fat and slow???? Why the FUCK do you insist on trying this bullshit????
Gardner gets an infield single…steals 2nd…

Oh, no doubt Burrows is…but Lucic acts tough, but is a pussy. And all you B’s fans think he is a bad ass, yet you never see him take on someone his own size. Pussy.

And for the record…Jack Edwards is about the biggest douchebag homer play-by-play guy in the NHL. He is an embarrassment to Boston, the NHL and his family. Hands down the worst in the business.

They only have to tell him that so that he doesn’t beat up some schmuck…there is no one on the Canucks in his weight-class…therefore the warning.

Where are all the SF’s with the Sox game updates??? I know they aren’t watching the B’s seeing as no one cared about the B’s until about 3 weeks ago…
I kid, I kid. ;)

Not. Torres did NOTHING in Buffalo. Literally nothing. He didn’t even cheap shot anybody…
I’m not sure he even played against BAH-sten in the series where they took out our best player and the leading scorer in the series at the time???

11-4 now and Mo is throwing in the bullpen…unreal. Of course, I don’t think he’s pitched in like a year so…
And then we walk in another run…11-5.

Is Mo the greatest baseball player of our generation or is it just me?
As I type this, Mo gives up a 2-run single. 11-7.


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