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Friday Warm-Up

The ALCS heads back to Arlington with Texas hitting .316 to New York’s paltry .217 and the Rangers recording 21 more hits than the Yankees, and out-slugging the Bombers by ~200 points, but that doesn’t matter. It’s just one more game to win tonight. And if? Then one more. If an announcer says ANYTHING about the ’04 ALDS, I’m going to throw a brick through my TV. I bought nine TVs today to make sure I get through the game. But I also bought ten bricks.
Enjoy your Friday. Game thread later.

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You probably mean CS, but yes, I really want any team to come back from 3-0 just so it won’t be mentioned as much.
Though the Giants-Pats game also gets constant mention when talking about underdogs though, so maybe that evens it out slightly for Giants fans. Not really though.
Any case, go Yanks, one more game. And when we get to game 7, yes, I would’ve rather avoided Cliff Lee, but there’s something poetic about giving the opportunity to fight your “worst enemy” (of the past two postseason anyways).

Serious note for one second. How exactly Texas is outhitting NY over the course of this series by 100 points is beyond me. With the way CC has struggled to get through this lineup, not to mention how hard it has ben on everyone else, you get the impression that the Yankees are up against – well – the ’27 Yankees. Yes Michael Young, Josh Hamilton, and Vlad Guerrero are all exceptional hitters. But come on – the Yankees play in the AL East, where even the fourth place Blue Jays mash the ball like crazy. Why are we suddenly incapable of shutting a line-up down, even for three freaking innings within any single game? Please Phranchise. Please remind the Rangers, their fans, and YFs everywhere that our team is not merely fortunate for having gotten to this stage, but that it is a force to be reckoned with.

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