Friday Night Recap: Keeping Pace

The weekend is off to a bright start for the Yanks and Sox; both teams won tonight, maintaining their positions in the AL East. (Toronto did not fare so well; the Jays continued their free fall at the hands of the ChiSox, who kept pace in the Wild Card hunt). In Tampa, there was more injury news for the Sox (Mirabelli), who will find little sympathy from Yankee fans. Bigger news, perhaps, was another excellent outing from a fired up Curt Schilling, and the continued late-inning miracle work of David Ortiz, who had 2 homers on the day. Why anyone pitches to him after the 5th is, at this point, beyond our limited cognitive powers. Up in Baltimore, the Yanks survived another less-than-thrilling outing from Randy Johnson. Perhaps it’s time to stop waiting for the Unit to turn things around, and accept the fact that he’s no longer a special player, and at his age is not likely to become one again. Good outings will follow bad outings will follow decent outings. That’s what happens. Anyways, a win’s a win.

PS: A story that’s no fun to report: Bubba Crosby was DFA’ed today, and was extremely upset upon leaving the clubhouse; he was replaced by pitcher Jose Veras. Crosby played intermittently despite the Yankee outfield woes. He had some good moments in the pinstripes. Perhaps he’ll land back in Columbus, and then return in September. He certainly has wheels. We wish him well.

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  • Yup you’re right. Randy goes from big Unit to Big Eunuch.

    Josh Q. Public August 5, 2006, 12:18 am
  • That was an excellent, unbiased summary, YF.

    Devine August 5, 2006, 1:35 pm
  • Thanks Devine. I must be doing something….wrong?

    YF August 5, 2006, 1:57 pm
  • Bubba Crosby did a heck of a job replacing injured Yanks, but he has to realize he is with a 220+ million $ ballclub & he is expendable with that payroll. Many teams would love to have him – keep your chin up Bubba!
    2006 MVP: Jeter vs. Papi – Yankee fans must be delusional if they believe Jeter is worthy over David Ortiz. Arod got the ridiculous vote lat year – what a joke!
    Look @ the numbers & come back to reality.
    I know, I know, Jeter plays the field….WHEN YOU GET TO PAPI’S CLUTCH NUMBERS, WHO CARES ABOUT JETER ?

    lee-visor August 6, 2006, 8:54 am

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