Front Loaded

The 2006 schedules are out, and a quick perusal suggests that the Sox better have their house in reasonable order come March. The boys open with a pair against a bunch of drunk sophomore-heavy squads before they square off against Pittsburgh and Minnesota, though with no off-day. Then it’s back on the road, with a 45 minute bus ride to St. Pete, a stop at the local Fuddrucker’s, and then a quick half hour trip over to Jupiter. The good news: if the Sox can take a lead into the third week of the month (or at least stay within reasonable distance), they will be very well positioned to close things out. Here’s who they’ll face coming down the stretch: a short-roster Minnesota, Tampa, Tampa again, some team called "workout", and a now closerless Philadelphia. It should be manageable, at least in theory.

Oh, shit.  This is the spring training schedule.  Sorry.

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  • Hey SF, haven’t you heard already? The Yankees have the division won next year.
    Also, are you allowed to say “shit” here?

    mattymatty November 30, 2005, 9:35 pm

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