Game Day Linkage

Here’s some reading material as we head into this week’s episode of The Rivalry™.  Well, it seems like a weekly serial, however this weekend will have to tide us over until August.

– In the Post, George King says Jason’s likely done for the year (the page is ickily covered with ads for Jeter’s product line; the background margin even has a gradient color keyed to match the ads, which I have to admit is pretty clever)

– Joel Sherman talks with Buck Showalter about 1995 and draws comparisons to the 2007 Yankees

– Rich Thompson and Michael silverman report that Terry Francona and John Farrell say that Mike Timlin looked sharp in Pawtucket last night, and note that Tek has bumped his average 52 points in the last 20 games

– David Lefort is pooling suggestions about how to stick it to ARod tonight at Fenway on

– Also on, Eric Wilbur says the Yankees have four weeks to prove their identity

– In the Daily News, Mark Feinsand quotes an anonymous scout who says Bobby Abreu "looks like a piece of garbage", and makes a bunch of glaring, harsh assessments about the state of the Yankees, concluding with "This is just not a good team."

– Not directly related to Yanks/Sox, but the Times has a fine article by Lee Jenkins on how the tentacular Scott Boras continues to ruin baseball at every level work in the best interest of young draftees

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  • If I were at the game tonight, I would, with every fiber of my being, try to get a “she-mallllllllllle, she-mallllllllle” chant (to the ol’ Dar-rellllll, Dar-rellllll cadence) going at every A-Rod at-bat. I am all class, let me tell you.

    jeremiah June 1, 2007, 4:35 pm

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