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Gamer? You Don’t Say.. A’s-Sox Sunday Afternoon Funfest

John Lackey makes his first start since May 11th.  Hopefully the time off and rehab work in the minors will pay dividends as Boston hosts Oakland.  Brett Anderson is on the mound for the Athletics.

The question is how long will Lackey be able to stay in the game on his return, assuming he pitches well? Boston used six pitchers besides Beckett in last night’s 14-inning marathon. Oakland used nine pitchers total.  Comment away.

C. Crisp cf .270
R. Sweeney lf .303
D. DeJesus dh .250
C. Jackson rf .258
K. Suzuki c .243
D. Barton 1b .217
M. Ellis 2b .217
K. Kouzmanoff 3b .220
C. Pennington ss .262
B. Anderson 3.68
J. Ellsbury cf .300
D. Pedroia 2b .239
A. Gonzalez 1b .340
K. Youkilis 3b .265
D. Ortiz dh .317
J. Lowrie ss .293
C. Crawford lf .246
M. Cameron rf .175
J. Saltalamacchia c .223
J. Lackey 8.01

11 replies on “Gamer? You Don’t Say.. A’s-Sox Sunday Afternoon Funfest”

Crawford hits a homer. Next time up Crawford gets hit in the high shoulder, up near the head. Red Sox are warned about throwing at the A’s.
Seems fair. Sox did nothing but now have no ability to throw inside.

Lackey hits Suzuki but no action taken. Didn’t look intentional (it was only 10″ or so off the inside corner) but I guess it is all even now and nobody can complain.
Lackey starting to struggle.

A steal and a hit and it is 3-2 Sox. If Lackey hit Suzuki on purpose he got we he deserved. If it wasn’t on purpose he also got what he deserved.
Now Lackey throws two pitches that both look like strikes on pitch tracker and they are both called balls. Trouble.

Sox need to work Anderson here. He is up to around 70 pitches thru three. Another long inning and the Sox will be in for a long look at the A’s pen.

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