George’s Folly Revisited

YFSF regular contributor Andrews was kind enough to pass along a few images from his recent trip to The Stadium on the occassion of Andy Pettitte’s 200th victory – read on for more.. -ag


Looks like most of the steel of the lower deck is in place at this point – much as I hate the idea of the move, I must admit, it is exciting to watch the new one rise…


Joba tracks one down at BP.  During O’s BP, my daughter and I visited Monument Park…

Park_babe Park_joe Park_mick Park_scooter Park_yogi Gates

The bullpen gates – if they could only talk…


As you might have guessed, quite a roar went up when that flashed on the sideboard.


It was great to see Andy win # 200. If I had remembered he was on 199, I would have taken some shots of him on the mound, alas.


Wait a minute..


Well, well, well!  Paul and I finally agree on something!

Thanks, Andrews!

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  • HAHA!!! Nice one Andrews, zing!

    LocklandSF September 26, 2007, 2:57 pm
  • Ha, that’s a riot.
    Thanks, Andrews!

    SF September 26, 2007, 3:06 pm
  • Wally: “What the hell?”
    Paul SF: “Wally… is not wha joo tink!”
    (Wally storms off in anger)

    Atheose September 26, 2007, 3:08 pm
  • Anytime, guys.
    I just got tics to home game 2 of the ALDS, so providing there’s not a sweep, there’ll be more to come…

    Andrews September 26, 2007, 3:10 pm
  • Andrews, are you a Scranton or SI season ticket holder? Seems like you need to be one of those to get tickets on ticketmaster.

    John - YF (Trisk) September 26, 2007, 3:17 pm
  • Amazing

    Shawn September 26, 2007, 3:17 pm
  • The bullpen gates – if they could only talk…

    Jackie (SF) September 26, 2007, 3:26 pm
  • or maybe something more like “Jesus Christ, Torre, how many times you gonna make us open tonight? That last guy only threw two pitches!”

    Jackie (SF) September 26, 2007, 3:27 pm
  • Trisk, I’ve had an 8 game Yankees plan for the past 3 yrs; as such I was able to buy tickets yesterday pre-public availability (also got 2 to WS game 7, hope I get to use ’em). Postseason tics are being sold today on…

    Andrews September 26, 2007, 3:29 pm
  • According to the website, I can only buy tickets on the 28th IF there are any left. Wonderful!
    Won’t be an issue next season, I have an agreement with the wife that I will be purchasing season tickets. Until then StubHub here I come!

    John - YF (Trisk) September 26, 2007, 3:35 pm
  • The wife and I will be heading up to see the old stadium next season before they tear it down…I can’t wait. It’s the only stadium of my “favorite teams” I haven’t been too. Funny, because my mother gets off the train at the Stadium everyday for work…just haven’t had a chance to get to the City during baseball season.

    krueg September 26, 2007, 3:40 pm
  • Sorry, Trisk, I was wrong about the date…

    Andrews September 26, 2007, 3:46 pm
  • Not a problem buddy. I usually trade my Giants tickets for some playoff tickets with a local broker. My seats for the G-Men are awesome, 50yd line 14th row. But this season that may be a real issue with the way they are playing!

    John - YF (Trisk) September 26, 2007, 3:59 pm
  • I’m soooo confused. lol

    Paul SF September 26, 2007, 4:43 pm

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