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Get Back On The Horse: Yanks-A’s Gamer

C.C. Sabathia faces rookie Vin Mazzaro, who led his Rutherford New Jersey team to two consecutive state championships. Mr. Mazzaro has put together a couple of impressive outings for wins recently; the Yanks knocked him around at the Stadium in July.

Lineups follow, comment away.

NY Yankees
D. Jeter ss .327
J. Damon lf .281
M. Teixeira 1b .285
A. Rodriguez 3b .256
H. Matsui dh .266
J. Posada c .273
R. Cano 2b .318
N. Swisher rf .242
M. Cabrera cf .266
C. Sabathia 3.64
A. Kennedy 3b .285
R. Davis cf .299
K. Suzuki c .277
S. Hairston lf .272
N. Garciaparra 1b .267
M. Ellis 2b .284
T. Everidge dh .233
R. Sweeney rf .274
C. Pennington ss .298
V. Mazzaro 5.54

93 replies on “Get Back On The Horse: Yanks-A’s Gamer”

We better win this game by AT LEAST 6 runs…AT LEAST!!!
CC winless in Oakland. We are screwed. Let the losing streak continue. WE SUCK!!!!

Johnny hits the weak, pathetic grounder for the DP but he beats out the throw to 1st thankfully….1st and 1 out.
Tex? Hit please?

Tex is the absolute best player in the baseball…at hitting mile-high, junk pop flys.
CHOKE-ROD UP BABY!!!! Automatic out. Garbage 1st inning.

Johnny steals 2nd…ball gets into CF, 3rd with 2 outs for CHOKE-ROD…doesn’t matter.


What a surprise. Bases loaded and no runs, again. We f-cking suck. It was all lucky streak. This team is finished.

So…CC throws behind Suzuki, whoever the hell he is, and guess what? The douche goes yard on the next pitch. 0-1. Game over. Season over. I cannot believe that I believed we were actually good. That was my bad…f-ck them.

Thanks for the little piece of Jersey info AG…Rutherford is a very good baseball town. White Sox pitcher Jack Egbert is from Rutherford as well.

Surprise, surprise…Tex pops out!!!! I can’t believe it…he never does that…weird.

1-2 Another HR given up by douche douche. At least every single player on the team f-cking sucks equally.
Oh wait, CHOKE-ROD is up…we’ll be fine. Not. easy out.

Godzilla gets CHOKE-ROD to 3rd…his tortoise-like speed doesn’t allow him to beat out a throw that I could have beaten out.

Cano swings at the first sh-t pitch…weak popper. Doesn’t move Hip Hip over…2nd with 2 outs for Swish.

Hip Hip tries to get to 3rd on a ball in the dirt like A F-CKING IDIOT!!!! Gets gunned at 3rd to end the inning. Wasn’t even close. This team has completely derailed. WTF?????

Sox will be 6 games back tonight, 5 tomorrow and after they sweep us in Fenway, 2 games back…

CC made it through an inning without allowing a run..CONGRATULATIONS!!!! LET’S THROW A PARTY!!!

GIDP. We are terrible. The real Yankees are back. No chance of winning a f-cking thing. F-ck you losers. What’s that, 4 times with the bases loaded in two games and ZERO F-CKING RUNS!!!!!

Just stopping in to check on you, Krueg. I am on kid duty tonight so I’m listening on the radio but not posting. Deep breaths, buddy, deep breaths.


Another scoreless inning for CC…he has settled down. A few more K’s.
Offense is anemic. Again.

Guys I have been posting on the RAB game thread but I just wanted to say that CC owned Adam Kennedy in the worst way, and then the SPIN MOVE! to field the bunt.
Now let’s score some runs.

Performance with RISP these past few games has just been abominable. What’s strange is not just the bad results – these things happen – but the horrible approach. Everyone (A-Rod, Teix, Posada, Swisher to name a few) is hacking at the first pitch when these pitchers are on the ropes and either popping straight up or nubbing weak grounders. Incredibly frustrating and totally out of character for this offense.

It is surprising. It felt like the Yankees could have plated a few runs just by working walks off of Mazzaro.

Swish to 3rd on a wild pitch…
Agreed IH…so frustrating. Like when your girlfriend in high school would only let you go SO far and then she would stop??? That kind of frustrating…

How about getting a f-cking hit with the bases loaded for once dougie fresh??? We should have scored AT LEAST 5 or 6 runs in these two games already…

This looks like a game between two mediocre little league teams. Seriously, what the hell was that?!? Have you ever seen a guy hit and then tunble over the catcher? Not to mention that the A’s are doing everything they possibly could to hand-deliver this game to the Yanks (who have their ACE pitching) and the Yanks response: “no thanks”.

Helped that the blooper bounced away from the LF’er. We’ll take it.

Jeter with another 3-hit night and then the A’s mis-play ANOTHER ball to give Damon double instead of a single (plus the added rbi). Seriously, Oakland is playing absolutely terrible baseball and it nevertheless feels like the Yankees feel are in the fight of their lives. 4-2 Yanks.

Walks the bases loaded for….wait for it….AROD!!!! KNOCK THE HELL OUT OF THE BALL AROD!!!!

Yet another bases loaded situation with one out and A-Rod up. He took a pitch…and it was a ball…hallelujah.

Walks in a run. If the Yanks had been that patient yesterday and today they would have had at least a few more, as doug points out. I like Hideki here…

Don’t know why I typed Teix – it was Jorge, who, though getting the sac-fly, seems genetically programmed to swing at the first pitch no matter what the situation. He did it in every at bat last night and on at least two ABs tonight if not on all three. Anyway, a sac is good.

Flaherty reminded us that all 5 of Hideki’s grand slams have come with the bases loaded..
lol, “shit slumber”

noticed that too,doug,hehe.
maybe there’s a way to somehow do it with the bases not loaded?
The Red sox ALMOST felt nice watching the Yankees struggle on offense until now,right?We are definitely a late game exploders.

CC in enough-messing-around mode. We may go two games in a row without dipping into the bullpen at all. Which would be good given that Chad Gaudin is starting tomorrow.

CC says enough is enough…1-2-3 6th with a sick snare of a liner at his dome for the 3rd out.

Maybe Gaudin can pull a Tomko and pitch well against his old team??? He can’t be worse than MEE-tre…

from the little I saw I remember he’s quite more consistent than mitre,krueg? btw,why are you using ghost there,man?

Everything Jeter touches right now is gold. He is either hitting bullets for hits or hitting it right at fielders who subsequently fall-over to take an error for him.

I killed myself last night after they got shutout by Tomko and the Mighty A’s…I am dead now.

Yeah,IH, i guess it’s because he’s closer and closer to the HOF,he gives off a glare of sorts to opponents,sometimes to teammates. Huge to have such a SS on both sides of the field.

Great outing by CC…of course, I could pitch 7 innings of 2 run ball against the A’s.

ah,sounds like you.So you were doing the negative stuff for Tomko and forgot he was on the other team? ;) hehe

Alright…I’m exhausted from these late games. Going to bed. Talk to you guys tomorrow! GO YANKEES!!!!

so far CC averaged 11.5 pitches per inning. He can pitch 40 some more.Wow.The Ace rolls.

Definitely MF – Jeter’s halo blinds all who fall under his spells…or who have to field a ball off his bat.
CC can be shaky, but when he gets a lead he becomes uber-aggressive and efficient.

Maybe Girardi will toss out someone who needs some work in the 9th. Or just stick with the horse. Either way, they got what they needed tonight. Though if this score holds up, they will not have reached kg’s 6-run target differential…

Sometimes he pitches great without the lead,like the 15 inning game against Beckett.It was him wasn’t it? It’s good to know we can rely on him.And a game against Seattle I guess,when he rode a 2-0 lead late into the game,if I recall right.

The 15-inning game starter for NY was Burnett.
We have a 5-run lead and Robertson comes in throwing 8 straight balls to walk two men with no outs. Now Mo is warming. This is absurd.

And follows the walks with 2 K’s and a fly-out. Well done. Let’s see if we can bring the bats tomorrow, head to Fenway with at least this 7-game cushion, and leave some of this anemic offensive stuff on the west coast where it belongs.

He got in his trail again,Robertson knows how to scare us. Yeah,Burnett,I was trying to recall by heart but it’s too late in the night for this.Mind playing tricks on me. But theeeee yankees win!! Thank God we got out of that huge 2 game losing skid!Now on for another streak and a sweep of whoever comes next ;)

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