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Get Up, Dust Yerself Off.

Whooboy. That was sobering. What can you do when you can’t do what you came to do? Suck it up and take it. Lee was just that good. IronHorse was at the game and compared it to witnessing an assault and battery. By a mugger that does party tricks with his glove, and with the detachment of a fish monger gutting a trout. Knife goes in, guts come out. Wash, rinse, repeat.

While waiting for Pedro Martinez and AJ Burnett tonight, here are a few links to peruse.

Matt Hagen has posted his Top 10 prospects for the Yankees and Red Sox in 2010 at THT.

Pennsylvania pols twixt Scranton and Wilkes-Barre are not amused.

The Aroldis Chapman sweepstakes should be interesting. And expensive. has a story on how Goldman Sachs and Warren Buffett helped get the ARod Deal Done.

ARod feel-good story, and another.

Phil Coke feel-good story.

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Pedro certainly is a showman who knows how to get attention.
While many have mocked or expressed bafflement at his statement about being the most “influential” player to ever enter Yankee Stadium, I suspect this was a language barrier thing. In context, he was talking about New York fans.
So presumably what he meant (or at least what would make more sense) is that there is no opposing player who has ever been more able to get a derisive rise out of the New York fans. On that score, he may have been right.

No wonder he was so relaxed the last two series…hopefully she hasn’t cut him off for the World Series. Is she from Boston??? I don’t think so…

What? Righties Jose and Jerry hitting against righty Pedro instead of switch-hitters Jorge and Nick?
WHAT? I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to shout like that.
I meant to shout, WHAT THE FUCK?

This line about Cliff Lee’s demeanor last night (from Jeff Passan at Yahoo Sports) is just a bit sexist, but it’s also spot-on:
“The fact that his iconic performance was delivered with the countenance of a man who looked like his wife was making him watch ‘The Bridges of Madison County’ makes it that much better.”

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