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Giambi Released by A’s

I was never a big fan of Jason Giambi while he was a Yankee, but I kind of hoped he'd make a comeback with Oakland.  He's a seems like a nice guy, great personality and was well liked by his teammates during his time in New York.  Unfortunately today Giambi was released by the A's.  Giambi is currently on the DL, so it is unknown if this will be the last stop for the Giambino.  Sidenote: My favorite Giambi story comes from a talk radio show I was listening too back when he had just signed with the Yankees.  Giambi does/did live in Vegas and the host said something like "I am still waiting for my invitation to get out and visit"  to that Giambi said "Yeah well we are all waiting for something, I am still waiting for Jeremy to slide."       

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As much as he sucked and was a greasy bastard…I always like the Giambino for some reason. Seems like the kind of dude you would have a great time with going out and having a few…
I can see him making some porno’s like Snoop or something in that greasy realm! :)

Please let the Sox sign him, and my Jeremy Giambi Sox shirt can FINALLY come back out of the cobwebs.

krueg: a good friend of mine and longtime Yankee season ticket holder, massive diehard, was a regular at the same bar that Giambi was a regular, and yes, the guy can party. Hard, apparently.

My favorite Giambi story was shortly before the start of his first spring training with the Yanks in 2002.
NBC’s “Today” show was doing a week long series where they took kids of firefighters killed on 9/11 and treated them to some sort of really fun outing. In this case, a boy who was a big Yankee fan got a personal tour through the stadium.
In the clubhouse, he got to meet and spend some time with the newest Yankees star — Jason Giambi.
Giambi enthusiastically asked the youngster, “Who’s your favorite Yankee?”
The kid looked at him and then answered, “Tino Martinez.”

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