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Going Down To The Crossroads: Yanks-Braves Gamer I

Chien Ming Wang looks to give the Yankees a reason to save him if they please while Tommy Hanson throws for the Braves. Wang has pitched against the Braves before, and did quite well, but I do believe I’m sinking. Prove me wrong, Wanger.

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predictable weak pop fly for choke-rod…great job as-shole.
I have the stupid braves feed for some reason, the Yankees feed is blacked out here in Memphis. No idea why??? 5 hours from hot-lanta…anyways, the idiot announcers said that choke-rod’s pop out would have been a HR in the Stadium. Not even close. F-cking losers…

I know what the Yankees are the best in baseball at…not scoring any runs when the bases are loaded. Granted it was Wang at bat but still…we are pathetic with RISP.
Wang made it to the 2nd…let’s see if he can get through it.

Wang almost runs through Tex and blows it…3 outs. SCIENCE BE PRAISED!!!! Got through 2 innings without a run…minor miracle. Next inning…

That ball rolled all the way to the wall.. I thought it was an easy triple, but he takes the safe route and stay at second..
And Swisher tries to bunt him over.. what the hey?

Jeter now with more doubles than Babe Ruth.
Swisher with a weak comebacker. Okay, fine, maybe he should’ve bunted, hahaha..
Here’s Teixiera.

Flusher cannot even get Jeter to 3rd…what a worthless piece of sh-t he is. Seriously. Horrible defensively. Can’t hit. Total loser.

Teixiera kind of cooling down the last few games, coinciding with going away. Hrmmm..

DP is on…please just strike out choke-rod so we still have a chance to score. Of course, we are the kings of men left on base so wasting a leadoff double is pretty much par for the course with this sorry bunch.

3-0 pitch to Teixiera not even close, and walks on 4 pitches. Here’s ARod, ready to hit a double play.

It’s a good point by Kay, that Teixiera’s numbers haven’t been good recently because ARod’s been awful lately. Makes sense.

ARod strikes out on the double steal. He had some very very hittable pitches and does nothing with them. Here’s Cano.

Cano pops up and that means the Yanks did nothing with a leadoff double, and a one-out walk. Bah.

choke-rod K’s per usual. What a complete joke he is…completely worthless. Runners were going so 2nd and 3rd now with 2 outs. Can Cano get a clutch hit???
Didn’t even finish typing before Cano weakly pops out. THIS TEAM F-CKING SUCKS!!! From top to bottom, left to right, back to front this team is a joke. No offense, no defense, no pitching…feeble to the core.
F-ck them.

I don’t know if I’m surprised, but I’m still going to bitch about it! ;P
Wang strikes out the pitcher on 3. Good start..

McCann drove a really low pitch in for a double. That was not an awful pitch, but McCann was good enough..

Jorge chucks the throw into CF…because he is terrible, lets the runner get to 3rd. Wang is now rattled, because HE sucks and walks chipper and then a double for mccann. 0-1.

game. set. match. 0-3
FIRE GIRARDI NOW! Great job you bunch of sorry-f-cking losers! I’m out. THis game is over. Not sure why I’m even watching anymore…

1-2-3 to Wang, err.. too bad he’s still down 3-0.
His ERA is still down for the day.. haha..

Choke-rod flys out NOT EVEN TO THE WARNING TRACK…not even WTP. This guy needs to go. I’m sorry, f-ck him. You are a joke choke-rod. Just kill yourself and do us all a favor…

They err.. did not leave the bases loaded that time. That’s the best thing I could say about that one..

I guess Wang is finished…only 3 runs in 5 innings! How pathetic can we be? 5 IP and only 3 runs is a good outing???
god-OUT-za pinch hitting for Wang…automatic out. Maybe Gardner can steal 2nd, 3rd and home so we don’t get shutout again.
We were going to drive out to hot-lanta for a game or two…SO GLAD WE DIDN’T WASTE OUT MONEY ON THESE LOSERS!!!

Braves announcers talking about god-OUT-za being a black belt in judo…brilliant redneck announcer says:
“…I still wouldn’t walk the streets of NY.”
Ignorant as-hole.

Yankee bats:
Jeter- ok, past his prime
johnny- sucks, old, worthless
Flush-er- completely worthless
Tex- pretty good
choke-rod- get rid of him, black hole in the lineup
cano-pretty good
posada- old, slow, fragile, terrible
melky- nice bench player
gardner- sweet AAA player
nady- average in every way
no playoffs, over paid, over hyped bunch of pathetic losers

choke-rod getting his hitless streak going again!!! ATTA BOY CHOKE-ROD!!! YOU ARE DA MAN!!! Maybe you should hit the bars on Peachtree tonight??? Seems like going out and getting hammered is about all you are good at…that and shooting PED’s in your ass of course.


Hughes just blowing people away…would have been nice if he pitched this way when he was starting. Of course, we are the Yankees and everything that can be f-cked up, is.

This is beyond comprehension. I mean, does this team have any balls at all? Do they even care? Sure doesn’t look like it. Another loss. Another shutout. I feel sick watching this team. Something needs to give and soon. The Boss would have thrown Girardi out on his worthless ass after the 2nd Boston series. I am embarrassed to be a f-cking YF right now…

Yanks still down 3-0. Boy is the offense out of sync. Though they get on base.. just err.. can’t score them.

Uh, krueg, you are aware that the Yankees will still be tied for the wild card if they lose this game and if Toronto wins? I don’t think your season is over, not by a longshot.

The New York Yankees are _____________!
a) pathetic
b) woeful
c) sorry
d) pitiful
e) lamentable
f) deplorable
g) contemptible
h) paltry
i) abominable
j) atrocious
k) horrific
l) appalling
m) horrendous
n) abhorrent
o) sickening
p) heinous
q) vile
r) sickening
s) loathsome
t) nauseating
u) odious
v) horrid
w) gruesome
x) loathsome
y) repellent
z) all of the above

Shutout again. Lost again.
Great job boys…way to represent the uniform you bunch of sorry-ass, pathetic, choke-job pieces of sh-t.
Bright side? Wang wasn’t terrible. Hughes looked good.

So glad I don’t get the postgame show…I cannot stomach another f-cking answer like:
“it’s a long season”
“we just didn’t hit today”
“their pitcher was really good”
“we have to play better”
etc, etc, etc, etc…
They should be honest and say:
“we are just terrible”
“our coach is pathetic”
“choke-rod is sucking our souls dry”
“we are old and cannot play anymore”
etc, etc, etc, etc.

krueg, your performance in this thread has been epic. you may be down on your team’s performance, but *you* have certainly given it your all.

This team is maddening SW…no excuse for them being this bad. They should be contending with the players they have, no question.
I don’t know how much more I can take.

This team is truly painful to watch right now. There is no other way to put it. They will certainly run hot again this season – how long until they do, how long will it last once they do, how long before it turns back into another cold spell, will they have enough hot streaks to make the post-season etc, etc, who knows. But when A-Rod goes into the tank the entire offense seems to collapse. Ever since the first game of the most recent series they played in Boston, they have looked like a mediocre-to-flat-out-bad team. The ONLY thing I’ve enjoyed watchign lately is Phil Hughes coming out of the bullpen. Everything else is barely clearing the bar of acceptable performance or – more often – tripping and falling before they even attempt to clear it.
Right now, switch A-Rod and Teixeira in the order. If pitchers have to groove fastballs to A-Rod because they don’t want to face Tex, maybe just maybe A-Rod will remember how to hit. Bat Posada or Cano or even Melky 5th. Get Swisher OUT of the 2 hole – Melky or Cano (whoever is not hitting 5th) would be better suited there. Freaking Angel Berroa would be better suited there at this point. Mix it up Joe, please. It took you at least 2 weeks longer than it should have to sit A-Rod. try not to take as long giving a jolt to the line-up.

Wow Krueg, you were in your prime last night. That was a vintage 2000 Pedro performance right there.

My angry rants are more entertaining than the sorry-ass Yankees…I’m still pissed.
Can Joba get through 4 innings tonight for once? Will the yankees actually score a run? Baby steps for this pathetic bunch…
NFL training camps open in a month!!! SCIENCE BE PRAISED!!!

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